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Re: MCE 2017 Exam Prep

I took the new 2017 MCE exam yesterday and will say that it was more difficult, although I did pass. I felt it was more difficult because I come from an IT department that runs the back-end of the system, and am NOT a marketing-focused front-end user, which the exam seems to be more geared toward. I also felt that a good amount of the questions were more subjective and it was along the lines of "pick the best answer", which, as we all know depends on our different business needs.

I will also note that I did not study or do the training provided but still passed. However, I would not recommend this. My experience is as follows:

     Dec 2014 - Aug 2015: Used Marketo at an Admin level

     Aug 2015 - Dec 2016: Used Pardot at an Admin level

     Jan 2017 - current: Using Marketo at an Admin level

That being said, I have about a year of experience using Marketo at an Admin level.

Next I am looking to take some Specialization Exams, has anyone taken any of these? Also, if you pass all of the Specializations can you still become a Certified Consultant?