Things to know about Self Service Flow Step (SSFS)

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

What is Self Service Flow Step (SSFS)?

Functionality released by Marketo Engage Product to integrate external web services with Smart Campaigns. In other terms – an enhanced version of Webhooks.


SSFS allows you to design and deploy custom flow actions as web services, that can be used directly by Marketo Smart Campaigns. SSFS is designed for Marketo users that want to build deeper integrations with Marketo Smart Campaigns. SSFS works with Trigger, Batch, and Executable campaigns (later two are not available with legacy webhooks). Custom Flow Actions can send data from lead records and Smart Campaign context to and external web service for processing, and then write lead and activity data back to your Marketo database. The customer will need to build the external web service which will be configured in SSFS.


Link to official documentation:


What type of Authentication mechanisms are supported by SSFS?

Basic, API-Key, and OAuth2 Client Credentials are supported. More details are listed here.


What are the different use-cases solved by SSFS?

Some examples are:

  • Country lookup
    1. Send the country value and get a 2-letter code or vice-versa.
  • Data formatting
    1. Like formatting First Name, Last Name fields to be in camel cases.

There are other use-cases too for which SSFS can be implemented.


PS: Ensure the logic is correct as field values are written into Marketo Database for a person.


What do I need to configure SSFS?

  • Service Configuration:
    1. OpenAPI URL to define the schema used by the service.
      1. It should a minimum of below three paths:
        1. /submitAsyncAction
        2. /getServiceDefinition
        3. /status
      2. Others are listed in the Product defined sample here.
      3. OpenAPI URL will eventually be configured in Marketo UI.
    2. Service Definition
      1.      Defines Invocation and Callback Pay load definition.
    3. Script to perform the use-case for which the service is built.
  • In Marketo UI, have access to ‘Service Provider’ link in the ‘Admin’ section.
  • Based on the Service Configuration, define:
    1. Open API URL
    2. API Key, if defined
    3. Outgoing Field Mapping
      1.      Person field value that will be sent out of SSFS into the Service when invoked.
    4. Incoming Field Mapping
      1.      Person Field where data will be written back after the Service finishes processing.
      2.      Be very careful because data is written into Marketo in this field.
  •      Ensure external web service always processes and sends the correct values.


What types of Smart Campaigns support SSFS?

Trigger Campaigns, Batch Campaigns, and Executable Campaigns


For more questions and setup queries, please contact your Marketo Engage Technical Consultant.