Marketo Professional Services Solutions: Keep Duplicates In Sync

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Here in Professional Services, we're always coming up with new solutions to help customers' needs, and often we can take those solutions and abstract them to help other customers with similar needs in a truly turnkey manner. One of our popular solutions is an AWS-hosted service that can help customers to keep data in sync between multiple records within a Marketo instance or even across different ones.


A very common use case that we see is the need to manage email subscription compliance across different instances. Marketo's "Durable Unsubscribe" feature ensures that when an email address is marked as unsubscribed in an instance, all other records with that same email address are also, automatically, marked as unsubscribed as well - those that currently exist, and any that are added later. This feature, though, does not operate across separate instances, and also doesn't automatically propagate more granular subscription data besides simply "unsubscribe".


For example, if a company were to have different categories of newsletters that are sent out, a common solution is to have a Preference Center that allows users to opt in or out of specific categories without unsubscribing from all material completely. This can be managed by a series of Boolean fields in Marketo (e.g. "Subscribed to Quarterly Sales" vs. "Subscribed to Flash Deals"). Customers that have duplicate records, then, between instances, or even within the same one, might want to ensure that these preferences are also synced between these records automatically.




Our "Keep Dupes in Sync" solution works by creating a triggered Smart Campaign that responds when one of the relevant fields' value changes. This then calls a Webhook which posts the field used to identify duplicates (usually email address) and the data that has changed. Our automatic service in AWS then queries that instance (and/or others), identifies any matching records, and updates their field values accordingly.



If this sounds like something that would be useful for your marketing efforts in keeping your data synced and as up-to-date as possible, please reach out to your Account Team and we can help determine if it's a good fit and how we can help!