Marketo Measure: Salesforce Lead and Contact Field Deprecation – 06/14/2024

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

During the next Marketo Measure product release, scheduled on June 14, 2024, Marketo Measure is deprecating the Salesforce fields that our managed package pushes to the Lead and Contact Objects in SFDC (see the Release Notes link at the bottom of this post to learn which fields). This blog post highlights the benefits and rationale of why Marketo Measure is turning these fields off, as well as how to retain the same information on your Leads, Contacts, and Reports in SFDC.

Why deprecate these fields?

There are multiple reasons:

  • Eliminating the need to export to the Lead and Contact objects frees up bandwidth and API Calls, leading to fewer SFDC API credits used and improved processing speeds.
  • Fewer direct object interactions means fewer opportunities for validation errors or permission issues for our SFDC<>Marketo Measure connected user.
  • These changes also help with our data infrastructure, preventing unnecessary duplication of our core data points and minimizing reliance on related objects for data flow.

What does this mean for me as a customer?

The biggest impacts this deprecation will have on your system relate to how Marketo Measure data is surfaced for a Lead and Contact, both on any page layouts as well as in reporting.

  • Information such as “Marketing Channel (FT)” or “Touchpoint Date (LC)” will no longer natively exist as a Field on the Lead or Contact; this data can be replicated with lookups to the related Touchpoint object.
  • Similarly, any reports in Salesforce that are centered around the Lead Object or Contact Object that are referencing these fields need to be revamped (more info linked below).

How can I “replicate” these data points?

Marketo Measure provides documentation on how to replicate this data, both within your reporting as well as on your Lead and Contact Objects themselves.

  • Our Release Notes detail creating a Custom Report Type that joins data between the Lead/Contact object with the Buyer Touchpoint object. This powerful report allows all the Marketo Measure data previously found on any Lead-only or Contact-only reports, and more. 
  • Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts from Salesforce experts on our Marketo Measure Partners team, who will outline exactly how to integrate Lookup fields on your Lead and Contact page layouts to display Marketo Measure data directly on the Leads/Contacts themselves.


Still have questions?
Please contact Marketo Measure Support with any questions or issues you encounter around this release.