Learn from your peers webinar Q&A Follow-up | Boost Email Deliverability with Marketo Engage

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Missed the live webinar? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Find the recording and the slides below for your on-demand learning.


Session highlights:

  • What factors contribute to email deliverability.
  • Assessing your current state using Email Performance Reports, People Performance Reports, and Smart Lists.
  • Steps to take to reduce risks to your email deliverability, including verification protocols, maintaining database quality and using precise targeting.

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We’ve worked with Beth Massura (@Beth_Massura) to answer the questions the audience submitted during the live webinar and we are posting on her behalf.


Check out the answers below. Comment below if you have additional feedback or questions to share. Happy learning!

Question Response
Can an email provider prohibit emails from a domain or IP address other than "perceived risk"? A company could potentially proactively flag emails for some reason, or they might flag them in response to recipients designating emails as junk.
How do we know if someone has 'reported us as spam'? Certain types of spam reports will be returned to Marketo Engage through the feedback loops. https://nation.marketo.com/t5/knowledgebase/feedback-loops-fbl/ta-p/248685 You may have access to more information via the "Additional Options" shared towards the end of the presentation.
Do Spam escalations REALLY happen? From my own personal experience it seems that is a NO. Looking for an honest response here... I've seen this in Marketo Engage instances. It should be a rare occurrence since it takes more effort for the recipient and should be taken more seriously.
To clarify this deliverability number is delivered to the inbox and spam or JUST the inbox? and if it's to box inbox and spam how do we know the accuracy of the the deliverability number being a true 97% An email is considered "delivered" when the incoming email is accepted by the recipient's ISP. So that would include the main inbox, automated rules to folders, spam/junk folder, etc.
If you use "Register Now", will that still trigger spam filters because of the Now? Any recommendations for CTA wording for buttons to register, download an asset, view content, etc. that won't trigger spam? There are no hard and fast rules, but if you pepper your email with many words that convey a sense of urgency, that could potentially trigger an ISP's spam filter. It's unlikely that a single "now" would alone make a different. You can also do A/B tests to see what seems to result in more engagement.
Why are you using reports instead of smart lists as they're set up in the importable programs ? You can use reports and Smart Lists to get different facets of the same data. Reports grouped by a field will show you all the unique values that are in that field and how many records have each value. On the other hand, Smart Lists will show you all the individuals that are summarized in the report and can be exported for further manipulation and analysis outside of Marketo Engage.
I have SPF and DKIM verified for my Domain. Do I also need to verify my domain on Google Postmaster? - Shahi Manishekhar You do not need to, as SPF and DKIM are among Google's requirements. However, there may be additional information you can get by leveraging Postmaster Tools. Understand your Gmail reputation using their Postmaster Tools: https://nation.marketo.com/t5/support-blogs/understand-your-gmail-reputation-using-their-postmaster-...
RE: database Quality - what are your thoughts of retaining/purging "Former Employer"/"No Longer at Company"? I would recommend making them unmarketable/unemailable in Marketo Engage at a minimum. There may be reasons you would want to retain activity data for a period.
We have determined deliverability problems to all our Gmail users because of throttling. How can we resolve these issues? You may want to break the sends into smaller batches spread out over a longer period of time. Also, consider whether paring down the audience for any particular send through more granular targeting or sending only to 'Active Records' would help. You can see some speicifc recommendations for "Increase sending volume slowly" on this Gmail Help page: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/81126
Is the power pack still Everest from Validity ? If you have an active contract or renewed the Powerpack before 3/28/2023, then you will be on Everest for the remainder of that contract term. All new renewals and net new PowerPack subscriptions will be provisioned onto MessageBird’s Inbox Tracker application. Subscriptions provided by different partners should provide the same insights that will help you with your email marketing success.
Is there a setting we can update if we want to keep data for specific campaigns past the 90 day window?  Your best bet would be the to create a Custom Field to capture last activity date. The premium Extended Data Retention subscription option offered by Adobe extends only the activities with a 25-month retention period to 37 months.
How can i import the program in marketo ? Follow the steps in this blog: https://nation.marketo.com/t5/marketo-whisperer-blogs/program-import-tips-tricks-and-considerations-...

Alternatively, you could also watch this webinar from to 20:30-23:00 where Adobe Professional Services demoed how to import the prebuilt deliverability program: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/events/marketo-and-mochas-recordings/2023/deliverability-par...
Do we need to create campaigns for Unsubscribe or is that automatically tracked? Unsubscribe is automatically managed by Marketo Engage; this field is tied to the Unsubscribe page linked from emails as well as some behind-the-scenes processes such as the feedback loops and durable Unsubscribe.
Do we need implement programs to reactive some inactives emails ? If you make inactive records 'Unmarketable' with a Smart Campaign, you will want to have another campaign make them marketable again if they become active by engaging again.
I have SPF and DKIM verified for my sender domain. Do I also need to verify my domain on Google Postmaster tool? You do not need to, as SPF and DKIM are among Google's requirements. However, there may be additional information you can get by leveraging Postmaster Tools. https://nation.marketo.com/t5/support-blogs/understand-your-gmail-reputation-using-their-postmaster-...
Does preheader content have any effect on deliverability? Any part of the email could be considered with the ISP's sender evaluation, including the text, sender information, links, html structure, etc. So the preheader indeed could be a factor.