Skip Lead Scoring for Specific Programs

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Skip Lead Scoring for Specific Programs

When we send out product release notes regularly through an email send program and we do not want these folks to get points for opening an email or clicking a link; however we would still like to know open and click rates, so disabling open tracking and link clicks is not an option. Our thought was to setup a "remove from flow" based on smartlist membership - where we would add folks to a smartlist if they are in a product release ES program, but we do still want them to get points for other activity. An ideal solution would be to exclude folks from the scoring if the activity is within a program who's name "contains" "product release notes." Yes you can add this as a smart list filter but then any member of that program would be exempt from scoring which is not what we want. Any ideas?

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Re: Skip Lead Scoring for Specific Programs

Hi Adam Enright​,

So you pull the smart list into a campaign to apply scoring? You can just exclude the people from the specific campaign running the scoring on clicks. So they're still on the smart list for other scoring, you would just exclude member of program who's name "contains" "product release notes" from the campaign applying the score.

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Re: Skip Lead Scoring for Specific Programs

Hi Adam,

Pls move this question to Products​. Champion Program​ is for questions about the program itself. Very little people are monitoring the Champion Program​ group and therefore, you are far less unlikely to get quick and numerous answers.

As a matter of fact, from my experiences, scoring simple activities such as email opens and clicks creates more false positives than anything else. This is especially true for opens, since open detection is basically unreliable.

I tend to recommend to stop scoring simple event but rather to score program status changes. This can be combined with program naming convention to score relevant marketing activities.

Basically this means that the general scoring architecture follows this scheme :

action -> program status change -> score change.