Setting up ABM without having to buy the ABM plug-in

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Setting up ABM without having to buy the ABM plug-in

My organization is moving to more of an account based Marketing approach for 2019. Our execs have identified large target account lists, think fortune 1000 and top 200 law firms lists. I need to figure out the best way to tag these contacts under the target accounts in our database so we can track our baseline engagement with these accounts now, and obviously how our marketing campaigns increase that engagement when we start them. What is the best way to find and tag contacts already existing in the database that are part of these target accounts? Best way to tag lists we upload? Moving forward, how do you manage this from a forms perspective? do you set something up on your forms that is hidden that will identify a contact that fills out the form as a part of one of these target accounts? We also have Marketo synced with Salesforce and RCE as well, so will want to go with the best option that will also have visibility in Salesforce as well as being able to report on it.

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Re: Setting up ABM without having to buy the ABM plug-in

Hi Megan,

If you've not already begun your journey on how to do this, let me suggest the following:

  • Target Accounts/Named Accounts are typically "Sales" dictated, owned and managed - and updated by Sales. So first, see how your Sales team is flagging Named Accounts in SFDC. Do they have a dedicated field in SFDC called "Named Accounts" or "Named Account Target?" If so, and your Marketo instance is synced to SFDC, then look for that field in Marketo first. You also need to ensure that this SFDC field syncs upstream to fields on Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities.
  • Secondly, you'll want to ensure that you have some sort of data normalization in place (in either Marketo or SFDC) to be able to identify your named accounts by the Company Name field. (ex. Nabisco Inc. LLC. is identified as the same as Nabisco.)
  • Before we had ABM Management tools, I would set up Listening Campaigns in Marketo, that placed categories of these leads into a dedicated static list. Logic would be something like this: New Lead is Created and company name "contains" or "starts with" XYZ, Add to List "Named Account List."
  • Once you get the first few points sorted out, the Program Performance Reports in Marketo can show Opportunities and you can also customize those reports to show Named Accounts.

Hopefully this can help get you started!