Nurturing Segmentation

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Nurturing Segmentation

Hi! I have a huge question about segmentation for our upcoming Nurturing Streams. We want to nurture some specific job titles/functions who haven't engaged with us in a while an whoever comes into our database from now on (fills out a form or get uploaded through a list import). What would best practices for this? A trigger campaign? A batch? We're initiating this nurturing streams for our company and we would like some input.


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Re: Nurturing Segmentation

Hi Veronica,

Champions Program is not the right place to post such a question. This place is only for Champions program content and applications.

Read Getting the most of the community when you have a Marketo question

Now, on your question. This is not much of a nurturing stream, but more of an activation campaign for cold leads. You can use any of the 3 mechanisms (batch smart campaign, trigger smart camapign or engagement program), although I would not use a trigger in this case because you do no need the campaign to start at the very minute the lead is created in the DB.

Pros of batch campaign: you can set different time intervals between each cast, using wait steps. Cons: it's harder to add / remove / change the order of content when some leads are in the middle of the flow.

Pros and cons engagement programs are exactly the opposite.