Need Help on Emailer

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Need Help on Emailer


We would like to send mails to our webinar attendees thanking them for their participation. We want them to click on the "Call-to-action" button and download the ppt which we are going to send them. I have the following queries:

a) Can we upload ppts or pdfs in Marketo?

b) Can we create a email template in Marketo in such a way to enable the recipients to click on the button in mail and download ppt/pdf which has been already uploaded Marketo?

Basically we want to see number of downloads

It would be great if anyone can throw some light on this topic.

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Re: Need Help on Emailer

Yep, just upload the document to the Design Studio just like you would an image. And then link the button/text to that URL.

Next, create a smart list for "clicked link in email." Specify the email ID and the link, and you're all set.

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