Getting started with Nurture Programs

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Getting started with Nurture Programs

Does anyone recommend a quick start guide for Nurture programs? We have had a couple of failed attempts in the past. We use NetSuite, so it is a little more complicated with the sync. Right now, i am just looking for guidelines that I can give the product managers so they can get me the content in a consistent format. any thoughts, or pitfalls to avoid, much appreciated. Kimberly

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Re: Getting started with Nurture Programs

Hey Kimberly Enright​,

What are you seeking to accomplish with engagement programs?

As with any content program, I'd encourage you to adopt a scalable framework. In the Marketo world, this means tokenized programs. I wrote a step-by-step how-to guide for my team (linkity link link)​, but the emphasis is more on the process versus the strategy. If Marketo is still pretty new and you need a primer on tokens, check this out:

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