Custom Report - Email Performance

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Custom Report - Email Performance

Our normal Open Rate averages at around 15% or so monthly and always has been this rate or lower, but looking back at our campaigns that are 6+ months old they now have open rates of 35% or more. This is bad news for me, because looking at a long-term report these metrics make it look like our metrics have declined drastically over the past year. We market to a less tech-savvy demographic, so I have a hypothesis that our customers don't check their email as often as others, resulting in delayed opens. To show this, and to have a more accurate monthly benchmark, I'm trying to add an "Opened In Month" column to our email performance report.

1) I know I can't add a custom column to an email performance report, so has anyone had success in building a custom report similar to Email Performance that shows custom data? Is that even possible within Marketo?

2) Does anyone have any experience with delayed campaign results like this? I suppose you'll always have delayed opens and clicks here and there, but I'm not sure if it's normal to have open rates double over an extended amount of time.

Background: We are B2C, using the Dialog Edition of Marketo.