Creating an Email Webinar Campaign

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Creating an Email Webinar Campaign

Hello- I am trying to set up a simple campaign that I can clone and use for the future. We are sending out webinar email invites to our members based on the state they live in.

My question is: What is the easiest way to organize this campaign?

It consists of 6 emails. The first 3 emails are invitations and details about the webinar to entice people to join. The 4th email is a confirmation email, "You have successfully registered". The 5th email will be a reminder (sent 1 day before the webinar) to the people who clicked and are attendees. The 6th and final email will be a reminder 2 hours before the webinar begins.

I have tested and tried smart campaigns and drip campaigns, both becoming messy. I am trying to find the simplest way to create this campaign- I will try anything!

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Re: Creating an Email Webinar Campaign

Hi Katie,

First point, if you want as many people as possible to read and contribute to help you, you would rather post it in products than in Champions: very few people will know there is a new post there.

You will have to create 1 program to host it all. Within this programs, create folders (assets, smart campaigns, lists, ...) to keep things tidy. There are various ways to do it. Here is one:

  • 1 batch smart campaign that sends the 3 invite in a row, with wait flow steps in between. on email 2 and 3, just test that the lead did not fill out form before inviting it again. These tests are done through "choices" in the steps
  • 1 "fills out form" triggered smart campaign that sends email #4 to everyone who just registered
  • 1 batch to send the D-1 reminder (email #5). You can also use an email sub-program here.
  • 1 batch to send the H-2 reminder (email #6). You can also use an email sub-programs.

And you would be safer getting some training (online or a regular one), these will typically be covered.


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Re: Creating an Email Webinar Campaign

Hello Greg- thank you for the response. I am still trying to get the hang of Marketo and really appreciate the help. I am testing everything right now.

Thank you and have a great day