Conditions on when Opps update in Marketo

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Conditions on when Opps update in Marketo

We have a real issue with our Opportunity integration and need to set limits on when Opportunity updates in SFDC sync with Marketo.  Does anyone have pointers on how to set limits, such as time based limits or shutting off the sync after conditions are met such as Opportunity Closed or after so many days after expected close date?

Our opps aren't able to sync in a timely manner and we have a backlog of 1.6 million opportunity updates. This is causing serious problems. Marketo hasn't yet been able to provide suggestions so I want to reach out to the crowd and see if any of you have thoughts or examples of how to put limits on the sync.

Robb Barrett
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Re: Conditions on when Opps update in Marketo

Hi Robb,

If even you ask your product related questions to the Champions group

The answer to your question is to set up a sync filter on the opportunity or to limit the opps visible to the Marketo sync user with a criteria based sharing rule.

I would choose the sync filter and set up some workflows to determine which oppies should sync.