Cannot create 'custom service'

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Cannot create 'custom service'

For some reason, Marketo does not allow us to build a custom service - which means I cannot authenticate my account

and retrieve my authentication token. I tried to follow your tutorial Quick Start Guide for Marketo REST API but we don't have

the same UI as the one in your tutorial (link:

  • Issue: Step 6 of the tutorial which states Choose “Custom” service type, provide the display name...

Our version of Marketo does not allow you to select a custom service type which means we cannot get the authentication


Also, I noticed that we do not have the Marketo Web Services tool either. I gather from your developers website it should

be available to us in the side bar menu of the Admin page. I have attached a screenshot of this also.

If anyone has any suggestions or alternative solutions please let me know.

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Re: Cannot create 'custom service'

Hi Joe,

Are you on the Spark version of Marketo? You can check this by visiting Help> Subscription Info in the top right corner of Marketo.

The ability to add a custom API only works on the Standard version of Marketo.