Use Marketo with it's full strength

Use Marketo with it's full strength

Hey Everyone,

It's been almost 5 years I have been working on Marketo and what I found is most of the companies who are using Marketo don't even know the capability of this powerful tool and they end up with the result that this tool is not meeting their requirement. I know it sounds strange to you as well.

Let me give you an example:
A company which was using Marketo for last 3-4 years with this setup

~ No solid lead scoring

~ Reporting is untouched, they are not using tag, no proper channels, period cost and acquisition program

~ No lead cleanup

~ You are not using engagement programs

Are you using all these functionality? If not then start using today and after 4-5 months you will see the result.

I will be writing next blog about how to tag Acquisition Program against the old captured lead.

Thank you!
Sant Rathore


Re: Use Marketo with it's full strength

I know in my own instance it's not a matter of ignorance - it's bandwidth. With 1-person MA team it's difficult to execute daily tasks while managing system-level programs.

Re: Use Marketo with it's full strength

That is also one of the case where companies are not ready to allocate more resource to build better automation strategy.