Program Template

Program Template

As we know Marketo programs are very powerful tool to manage the marketing assets and track the campaign performance. To get most out of the Marketo programs, we need to make sure that it should be set up properly along with all the components like Period cost, Channels, Program status etc.

While including all the components in a program is necessary, it is also equally important that we must organize the programs in Marketo instance optimally.

One of the best practices to organize it is to define a program template, which helps how we organize the assets used in program and campaigns and progressions associated with program.

Here is how the program template can be defined and it includes:

• Asset folder – includes all the assets like email, landing pages, lists etc. required in the program

• Campaigns – includes all the campaigns

   o Email campaigns - batch or triggered build in the program

   o Progressions – for each program we include a channel to define the member status, progression folder will include       all the trigger campaigns build to update the member statuses

• Reports – though reports are part of assets but to optimize the program for quicker audit, we kept it as different folder


This is one of the best practice and it helps in managing the consistent structure across the instance and it also helps in saving a lot of time.

Everytime you need to create a program, just clone the template and start customizing. I would like to suggest that based on your requirements create a template for each type of program so that it becomes even more easier to create new programs

Abhishek Chandra