Key things to remember when you are setting up engagement program

Key things to remember when you are setting up engagement program

1. If you are using “marketo default program” for out of the box nurturing flow and you are creating smart campaign then remember that you cannot use trigger in the smart list, only filters are allowed.

2. First filter in the smart campaign should be “Member of engagement program” = “True” and then enter you engagement program name. It means, even using smart campaigns, you can only send email/take action on those leads who are already engagement program members.

3. Each smart campaign need to be created in the separate default program because engagement program stream only understand the unique ID and it will verify the ID for that particular default program. 

4. We don’t need to schedule the batch campaign if we are using it in the engagement stream because it will use stream cadence to run the batch campaign flow.

5. Engagement program cadence works on nested condition. For example: If you have defined the first cast on 3rd of January which falls on Friday (then first email will be sent on Friday) and then you have selected Monday On “when you want to send your email” then second email will be sent on Monday. So, make sure to use same day in the first cast and when you want to send your email otherwise gap between two sends will not work properly.


6. For example: You have defined the cast to send email on Monday and you have received some leads in the nurturing program on Sunday then these leads will receive first nurturing email just one day after lead creation which is not suggested. So, always add wait steps for a week or 4-5 days in the gated smart campaign where you are adding the leads to engagement program.

7. Always schedule the first cast after 24 hours after getting all the approval to maintain the nurturing process for different time zones.

8. In the beginning of nurturing setup, you would need to activate all the stream (all content in the streams) and you would also need to turn on your engagement program.

9. If you want to turn off your nurturing then you can simply turn off your nurturing program and no one will receive the content then, even leads in the wait step will also not receive the content/assets.

10. You can also turn of any particular stream, any particular email of the stream. To do this, you would just need to deactivate the content on that particular stream or if it is any email then just deactivate that particular email.

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Sant Singh Rathaur