Web Personalization is a MUST for ABM

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Web Personalization is a MUST for ABM

MarketingSherpa reports that 82% of web visitors find content made for their specific industries to be more valuable. Imagine what creating personalized experiences for your organization's target accounts could do for your marketing ROI? Join us on Tues. August 29th at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET and learn strategies and tips for empowering your account-based marketing strategy with Web Personalization.

Key topics we'll cover include:

  • Web Personalization concepts
  • Why Web Personalization is a must for your ABM strategy
  • Key ABM engagement metrics related to Web Personalization
  • Examples and success stories of how our customers use Web Personalization to engage high-value accounts

I hope to see everyone in this space there to learn more about 1:1 engagement opportunities with strategic accounts!