Creating custom links for ABM accounts

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Creating custom links for ABM accounts

ABM has been a major initiative on the team, and we're working on expanding our efforts. For previous campaigns, we've uploaded lists of contacts and pulled custom links for each person, with the flow being to add the person to a Salesforce campaign once the link was clicked, along with triggering an email to the contact and a notification to their sales rep. As we continue to scale this effort, we're trying to think of a way where we can create one custom link for the overall account (instead of one for each individual) and add all the associated contacts to the account into the Salesforce campaign once the link is clicked.

Does anyone know of a way to do this? Has anyone set up anything similar to this before?


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Re: Creating custom links for ABM accounts

Hi Caitlin - I haven't personally done this for a client or myself, but I feel like you could just set up an operational program where you have a trigger that says 'clicked link in email (email is any or whatever email you want)' AND company is (insert company name) or you can even use the domain for the company emails as a catch all (so email contains - and then in the flow add them to the SFDC campaign with a status that you think will define success. So then, when anyone from certain companies click a link in email, they get added to the SFDC of your choice.

The only way this would be really difficult is if you have LOTS of different ABM companies you are targeting - so you'd have to start thinking about scale.

Is that what you wanted to achieve?