Conversion Attribution in SMS campaign

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Conversion Attribution in SMS campaign

Hi All,


We have sent out SMS campaigns and been tracking the conversion in Marketo but I am not sure how to attribute success to SMS.


This is how we are attributing success to the SMS program:
Any action taken within 3 days of SMS Sent
1. Received the SMS within 3 days
2. Not Clicked any Email within 3 days (this filter to remove those instances where the user clicked an email and also got the SMS so we do not attribute this action to two programs).


In the above filter, I am checking if the user has received the SMS no matter if the link was clicked or not. I believe if someone gets an SMS, they may not click on the link (we use bitly link) in SMS, they can just go to the brand website or app and check it out.


I gave a lot of thought to how to track the performance of SMSs and the best I could come up with was to remove clicks on any email within the tracking period.

Should we track the conversion for more than three days? Is there any standard practice you guys follow?
Please share any best practices you guys follow or you have anything to add to this.

Ashutosh Rai
Marketing Automation Specialist

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