Next-Generation Experience FAQ

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Marketo Employee



What is the next-generation experience?

The next-generation experience is our commitment to providing an updated and innovative user experience to customers in a way that offers flexibility, access to innovation, and ease of use. In 2020, we began delivering this next-generation experience by rolling out a new tree and global navigation that act as the frame of Marketo Engage, while keeping the right frame unchanged. Please keep in mind that this new tree and global navigation cannot be toggled back to the previous tree and global navigation.thumbnail.png


Beginning in 2021, we will be updating the main canvas to allow users to seamlessly switch between the current user experience and the next-generation experience with a new design scheme, productivity enhancements, and some features and functionality that currently live exclusively in Marketo Sky. The ability to switch back and forth will be provided through a toggle on the bottom right that offers ultimate flexibility – allowing users to switch back and forth at any time during their workflow without losing their place or progress. These updates will be rolled out on an agile and screen by screen basis.


Updated Engagement, New Toggle – Classic@2x.png


Updated Engagement, New Toggle@2x.png


What is the difference between the next-generation experience and Marketo Sky?

Marketo Sky is an open beta testing environment for a new experience that allows for customers to try out new designs, innovations, and productivity enhancements while giving our product team the opportunity to do user testing and research. After learning from the Marketo Sky open beta, we are moving forward with developing the next-generation experience described above. The next-generation experience is not Marketo Sky, but rather a strategy of delivering an updated design and innovation created based on learnings from Marketo Sky.


What is happening to Marketo Sky?

Marketo Sky will still exist for the foreseeable future. However, we will no longer be actively developing new screens or features in Marketo Sky as we shift our focus to the next-generation experience.


What will happen to features and functionality that is exclusive to Marketo Sky now?

Marketo Sky features such as event insights for Predictive Audiences and Event Caps and Waitlisting will be delivered in the next-generation experience, so there will be no loss of functionality, just an easier way to access these innovations.


Where can I go for resources and updates?

The Marketing Nation Community “Next-Generation Experience Blog” is the best place to check for updates. You can subscribe to this collection of blogs and be notified via email of any updates to the board by clicking “Subscribe” in the top right. We will also begin including updates in the core Marketo Engage release notes and product documentation beginning in 2021.


How can I provide feedback?

We want to hear from you! The best way to provide feedback is via the blue “Give Feedback” button in the top right are of the updated Global Navigation bar. The product team actively reviews this feedback and you will often get a direct response from someone on the team.





Rollout Plan


Why are some of my instances upgraded and not others?

The initial rollout did not support Workspaces and Partitions, so many instances were disqualified for that reason. Because we want to get you all upgraded as soon as possible, we onboarded all qualifying instances.


When can I expect to have my instance(s) upgraded?

Some of your instances may have been updated in 2020. If not, we plan to update the remaining instances in early 2021. The exact timing is still being determined, but we will provide more information as we get closer to rolling out the remaining instances.


Why is drag and drop gone from the tree?

Adobe, and Marketo Engage specifically, is dedicated to providing an application that is accessible to all users. In order to accomplish that goal, we are working to meet the latest WCAG accessibility standards, which deem drag and drop inaccessible to those of varying abilities. Therefore, drag and drop in the tree is not available in this upgrade at this time, but it will be back in Q1 of 2021. Please note that only drag and drop in the tree is temporarily gone, not elsewhere in the application. Items in the tree can be moved by right clicking and selecting “Move” in the context menu then designating a destination. Also, we have added the ability to create local assets directly in their target folders, a large use case for drag and drop and moving assets. You can read more about this and what the Adobe Head of Accessibility, Andrew Kirkpatrick, has to say about it here.


What is happening with the icons and state badges?

Our User Experience team is currently actively testing updated icons and state badges to address readability feedback. We plan to roll these out sometime in Q1 of 2021.


Will admins have control over how users access the toggle?

Admins will be able to assign toggle permission on a user role level. For example, an admin can assign the toggle permissions to the “Marketing User” role. In this case, all users who have the user role “Marketing User” will be able to toggle to the new experience and back for all features that have been delivered in the next-generation experience.