Understand your Gmail reputation using their Postmaster Tools

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Set Up Google's Postmaster Tools


Customers are able to leverage Google's postmaster tools by setting up a TXT record for the From Address domain.

Does not require a dedicated IP and does not require Marketo to set up DNS for the customer.


If you send a large volume of emails to Gmail users, you can use Postmaster Tools to see:

Postmaster Tools - https://postmaster.google.com/



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would you post the links to the docs you reference? It's not working.

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Thank you Josh Hill​!  The link had moved, I went ahead and added two new references. 

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Kiersti Esparza‌, thank you for this post! Are you able to give me a few more details on how I would implement this on my end? I just reached out to Marketo Support and they did not have information for me, referred me back to Google. Thank you again for your post!