SFDC Integration.. Best Practices to send to SFDC just MQLs

SFDC Integration.. Best Practices to send to SFDC just MQLs

Hello dear community 

We are working in SFDC integration and we were  wondering if someone has implemented SFDC integration in which you just send the Mql´s not all the leads in Marketo to  SFDC. Have any one of you guys experience in this scenario? 

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Re: SFDC Integration.. Best Practices to send to SFDC just MQLs

Marketo does not sync any lead automatically in SFDC. Before we discuss fuhrer, we have to first understand how Marketo and SFDC sync actually works. There are two ways to sync a lead in SFDC:

  1. Automatic sync with 5 mins (default) interval: With this sync cycle, Marketo sync all the leads member of a program which is synced with a SFDC camping at program level.
  2. Manual sync using smart campaign flow action: Any lead part of a smart campaign with any of the following flow action will be synced immediately in SFDC (it will by pass the automatic sync cycle and will consume additional SFDC API calls):

With that you can customize your Marketo setup to sync only lead which have become MQL.

Usually, I don't suggest to quarantine the leads in Marketo though. The reason is if you have any other system integrated with your CRM and you are getting new leads in there, it might result in duplicates in Marketo which is not a good sign for Marketo database health.

Instead, what I would suggest is to

  • Sync all the leads to SFDC.
  • Assign the leads to Marketing Lead Queue at the beginning
  • Hide all of these non-MQL leads from Sales Reps. (Can be done in SFDC easily, connect with your SFDC admin)
  • Create a central smart campaign in Marketo to re-assign the MQL leads to the correct owner.

Hope this will help but feel free to ask any further question you may have.