Meet Our Instructor Jamie Jazdzewski!

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Hey Community,

This week we are pleased to introduce another one of our Marketo Instructors, Jamie Jazdzewski:

Jamie Jazdzewski is a Senior Technical Instructor with Marketo University. Jamie has been using Marketo for seven years and has a deep understanding of all aspects in the software and its capabilities. She spent five years as a Marketo consultant working for several different companies such as Televerde, Calpoint, and DreamLab. Jamie’s favorite course to teach is “Core Concepts” because everyone is brand new and she can help lay the foundation for customers to learn best practices. One of her favorite Marketo features is the innovative Revenue Cycle Explorer (RCE) because of its ability to analyze the marketing funnel. In her spare time, Jamie is an outdoorswoman who enjoys hiking, kayaking, and four-wheeling. 

We hope you will consider taking one of Jamie’s exciting classes! She will be teaching Using Attribution Models on October 9th, 2017 and she routinely teaches our Core Concepts class. For a full course catalog and course descriptions please visit Marketo University.

We encourage you to leave a comment below if you have had a class with Jamie and have a favorite experience to share!


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I have taken a few classes that were taught by Jamie. She is hands down the best instructor I have had through Marketo!