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    Naming Conventions - Sync to SFDC campaign

      We haven't been using the campaign sync with our programs. We are just in the process of revising our channel tags and progression steps and are looking at using the sync to SFDC campaign. Would love to get any feedback or tips moving forward with this features. Specifically if there are any particular issues we need to be aware of and avoid.

      Also looking for some guidance on naming conventions, should be have the same naming conventions in SFDC and Marketo - eg should our program name have the same naming conventions in both systems.
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          Richard - By 'campaign sync with programs', I assume you're referring to the capability of creating/associating SFDC Campaigns directly through the Programs itself, correct? If yes, you'll want to note that as soon as a lead becomes a member of a program,  they'll be synced to an SFDC campaign.

          This might become an issue if you'd like certain Program members to stay in Marketo until they achieve a particular progression status. Example: Let's say you're doing a Webinar, and do not want the Registered members to go into SFDC, and only want Attendees/No-Shows to be synced to SFDC. Since Registered members are still members of programs, they'll get synced to SFDC via the inherent Marketo Program-SFDC Campaign sync functionality. To work around this, you might want to not use the 'campaign sync with your programs', but might rather want to explicitly use the 'Add to SFDC Campaign' flow step in campaigns.

          Other than this, there's no other caveats to the 'campaign sync w/ programs'.

          Hope this helps!
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            Hi Richard. We keep the same naming convention for our programs and SFDC campaigns. You should also think about what process you want to use to create the two. If you use Marketo to create a new SFDC campaign the sync is established immediately, but the SFDC campaign is blank. We have our market managers make the SFDC campaign first. This way we can better control campaign record types, start/end dates, etc. They mark the campaigns active and within a few minutes they are visible within Marketo.

            Also, to go along with what Kashmira was saying - if you have a landing page as a local asset under your program and someone completes a form on that page, they are automatically added as a member of your program (thus added to SFDC if you are using the campagin sync). For this reason we keep our landing pages and forms global in the design studio.
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              Thanks for the responses. Delinda, in the case with a landing page as a local asset and any lead converting on that form going into SFDC, other flow actions would still apply to the lead - data value changes, new lead assignments etc?
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                Do either of you find that you actively use the campaign sync. Right now I'm seeing that there is potential to save some time with our flows and using the sync to map program status into campaign member status. Is there other value to syncing? It looks as though the other values that sync are bi-directional so we would need to update them in Marketo anyhow.
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                  You've got it  - we use the sync on almost every program because it maps campaign type and member status values. Also, if you're adding or removing members in one system it automatically takes care of it in the other, which is a time saver. We keep all other data updated on the SFDC campaign only.
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                    Just saw your first question - yes, other flow actions would apply to the lead IF you have a smart campaign watching for form completions and then applying them.

                    When a lead completes a local asset form they will be added to the program even if there is no smart campaign doing so.
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                      Michelle Tiziani
                      I use the same naming convention for the Marketo Program/Campaign as the SFDC campaign that's synced. Also before you even sync the campaign to SFDC, make sure that the channel status steps that you have is the same as the campaign set up steps in SFDC, otherwise you'll get a sync error.  Also make sure that the status steps that you set up really makes sense because it's a painif you have to change or add a status step once your campaign has been activated, and with the status progressions you only move forward, you can't move back.