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Presenting Your Lead Funnel - Relative or Not

Question asked by Scott Kendrick on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by Jay Jiang

Looking to understand what other marketing leads are doing for reporting on the standard lead funnel - e.g. Leads, to MQL, to SAL, to SQL. Possibly three different ways to do this


1. Make the funnel steps relative --- meaning for a given time period (let's say last 4 quarters), report on how many leads were added based on lead created date, how many of those converted to MQL, how many of those converted to SAL, etc.


2. Make the steps unrelated --- for the given time period, how many leads were created in that time period, how many MQLs were created in that time period (regardless of when the lead was initially created), how many SALs, etc.


3. Show actives, inflows and outflows --- this perhaps is more along the lines of revenue cycle modeler does --- for the given time period show how many are active each stage, and what the change was for that period... so how many leads sit in our database that have not yet converted to MQL, along with new leads added in that time period, and leads that moved out of that state, how many MQLs are currently active that have not yet converted to opportunities, along with adds (new MQLs added) and removes (MQLs that have moved on), etc


Seems like number 1 would provide a true view of conversions but the problem is, results are skewed based on time lag... those leads that were recently added have not had the time to convert into MQLs, etc, etc.  Seems like 3 might provide the most comprehensive view because of the ins and outs and growth or change within your database. If we don't have a revenue cycle model setup, unsure how to report on this historically.


But independent of the "How" just wondering how others are reporting this to their executives.


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