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Sending SFDC Multi-Select Checkbox to MKTO

Question asked by f0b526d952f661e4f12d4f7397e38fcfa0bc7b8f on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by autodeskglobal Marketo

My salesforce team wants to send a multi-select checkbox field to Marketo. It's a list of our products to show product interest, but they aren't sure that Marketo supports this as a multi-select checkbox and we're concerned it will come over as a text string field. This isn't idea from a smart list point of view - our filters will have to be "contains". We do not want to make individual checkboxes for each product and clearly we want to be able to select more than one.


Can Marketo support this? I can't find documentation around it. All I can find is multi-select checkboxes on forms (I'm looking specifically for the field type, not a form). It worries me that when I look at documentation about creating the field directly in Marketo I don't see an option for that field type.