How to create a SDFC Campaign to suspend leads from receiving emails

Blog Post created by b81ae4ecc4103111742f9d1faae780d3c817d739 Expert on Jun 19, 2017

Your sales team wants to have control over the emails that are sent to their leads. In their conversations with their prospects  they get to identify that for certain leads it is  required or ideal  to suspend emails for this particular prospect.


This is how is set up this functionality from Marketo that is available in Salesforce to suspend leads from receiving any further emails.  We will be sending these leads into the Marketing Suspended bucket in one click.


In my case, if a sales rep wants to suspend a a lead, the only thing that they would need to do is to add them to a SFDC Campaign that in this case is called ANZ Suspend Emails (Remember I work in the APAC region) so this is how I started.


Step 1:

Create a default program and in your Setup Section you create a new Salesforce Campaign.




Step 2:


You will create your folders for Lists and Campaigns.  After that you create your List where your leads that are suppressed by sales will be included.  I like to have this list so it is easy for me to see how this list is growing and reference back from other campaigns.



Step 3:


You need to create your campaigns.  What am I doing with Campaign 01?  In Salesforce your sales rep will add the lead to this campaign, once that happens this lead becomes a Member of our program.  So what I do in this step is send this leads to my list that I created in step 1.





Step 3.  Make them Marketing Suspended


You will have your trigger listening for a lead being added to that list. After that you just change your data value to Marketing Suspended.




Step 4: Test it works


After this you need to make sure that it works.  Play around with a couple of test records and they should listed in your Campaign Results as you can see below.