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In case you missed Mike Underell's presentation on Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution at the latest VANMUG event, here's a quick recap of what was covered.


Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 9.09.54 AM.png


What is multi-touch attribution?

Simply put, it’s a system to attribute revenue to multiple sources that helped contribute to a conversion (aka: sale).


Why is it important?

  • It takes all touchpoints into account.
  • It shows which touchpoints show up in deals more often than others.
  • It credits revenue/pipeline to all sources that contribute to touchpoints.


3 key learnings from Mike's experience building out multi-touch models:

  1. Know your business to properly determine the scope of the project as well as key stakeholders.
  2. Determine what success looks like (think as big as you can).
  3. Tag everything (in a smart, scalable way).


Want more? Check out the full deck here: VANMUG - Multi-Touch Attribution - Google Slides.

...and don't forget to come to the next Vancouver User Group meeting! (tentatively in August)



Talk soon,

Misha & Amanda