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We have been constantly getting this error in Marketo the past week. Marketo is also very slow. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? 

Amongst the many great events at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit the thing that excited me the most was the look into Marketo’s upcoming update. I am a huge fan of the Marketo platform - as you can probably tell from my last blog - and some of the updates shown to me suggest that Marketo will continue to cement its place as my favorite MAP.

Marketo is known for playing close attention to their community. Regularly altering things and providing fixes based on consumer feedback. This update is no different. Alongside the vast shift in UX and UI being rolled out in the next few months, Marketo has collated the top 10 issues/requests they’ve received in the past year from users and addressed them!

Here are my highlights and what you should be looking forward to:

Saved Filters

Marketo will be introducing saved rules with this month’s update. Personally, I think having the saved rules functionality is a massive gain for the platform. Campaigns for Enterprise customers can often have multiple filters and complex logical rules. Previously, you’d have to repeat these across the various campaigns and it was often an area that could cause a user error. Having rules that you can create, save and then drop into each of your campaigns drastically reduces the risk of human error and speeds up the process of developing campaigns. It’s only a small thing but sometimes it's the small things that have a major impact!

Approval en masse

Another fantastic time-saver is the introduction of en masse approvals to the Marketo platform. Covering emails, landing pages and forms, this will streamline the approval process to help ensure that your campaigns get out on time.


Pre-programme expiration & deactivation dates

Marketo’s latest update introduces asset expiration and programme deactivation dates. You no longer need to worry about assets staying live long after campaign completion i.e. you have no excuse for event invite landing pages staying live after the event itself.


One of my few personal bugbears with Marketo was the need for complex naming conventions to keep assets and campaigns cataloged and easy to access. This would often lead to long unwieldy names that include a variation of creator name/date/department/name of the campaign.

The introduction of labels or tags to categorize assets and campaigns will certainly help minimize the use of cumbersome naming conventions. This new metadata allows you to easily search and create clearer taxonomies. The hope going forward is that these labels act as a means for creating detailed metrics by tag and really open up Marketo’s already comprehensive analytics.




The introduction of a new, more comprehensive dashboard homepage is a minor but welcome change to Marketo’s UI. At this stage, it is unknown what metrics or options will be available on the homepage but 'Team Purple' is advising that it will be customizable and you will be able to tailor the experience to your department’s needs.

There are plenty more minor and some major changes coming online later this month. These are just a few of my favorites, what are yours? Anything you’re looking forward to? How about quirks or issues of the platform that haven’t been addressed yet? Join the conversation as we countdown to the launch of the update.

Dear marketo team,

We have installed marketo in our company since 6 months, but we have a big problem with the e-mails’s deliverability , the opening rate has dropped by 40% in comparison to mailchimp, but especially the emails go to spam, even the in-house sample testing,

we think there is a problem with the setting, would you help us?

Recently there has been suggestions that Google plan to introduce an ad blocking feature to their popular browser Google Chrome. This will (if it becomes a reality) be used in the mobile and desktop version of the chrome browser.

Although we do not know the exact date of when this feature could be introduced, it is said that it could be switched on by default. It is rumoured that it will be rolled out in just a few weeks however Google are said to be finalising a few things and may decide to not go ahead with the plan.

So what exactly is this ad blocker that Google speak of?

The ad blocking feature is exactly as it is described - a function to block ads. It would filter out certain and specific ad types that provide a bad experience for users whilst using the internet. However, what could be seen as an unacceptable ad to some could be seen as an acceptable ad to others.

Therefore the definition of an unacceptable ad is defined by the 'Coalition for Better Ads' - an industry group that released a list of what they feel is an undesirable ad.

It is also said that Google are considering blocking all advertising that appears on sites with offending ads rather than blocking the individual offending ads themselves. This is to say that if one site does not ensure all of its ads meet the required standards then they could see all advertising blocked in chrome.

Apple are also said to have similar plans.

When discussing the updates to Safari they are said to be exploring:

  • • Preventing videos from autoplaying, which will kill pre-roll ads on autoplay videos. Video ads are generally much more highly regarded by advertisers, as they drive higher engagement than banner ads on almost every site.
  • • Disabling ad tracking, which generally uses cookies stored on people’s local computers to track them across different websites.


What this could mean for you:

If your ads are deemed to be unacceptable according to 'The Coalition for Better Ads', you could see your ads being permanently blocked. Also bear in mind that if you're buying inventory through ad display networks, all it takes is for one company to publish an unacceptable ad and all other ads be blocked, even those from completely separate businesses.

The guidelines are strict yet straightforward.

To prepare for these changes it's worth reviewing your existing ads to make sure they fall in line with the guidelines.

Unfortunately there isn't a lot of information on whether Google will also be making changes to ad tracking as the announcements to date have been light on detail. However this is definitely something to consider and stay on top of.

Last month we got the exciting news that our marketing team had been nominated for a Revvie award in the category Marketo Masters, Marketing Team of the Year, Commercial!


We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves and share some of the milestones that got this Dutch company the nomination.


The Sana Commerce marketing team has grown rapidly over the last two years. We’ve doubled our human resources and we’ve expanded to 4 new territories. It was during this time of fast growth that we also decided to implement Marketing Automation in our organization. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also relaunched our website and added 2 more languages to the mix (for a current total of 5).


You’d think it would have been a recipe for total mayhem.


Luckily, it wasn’t. We went through a lot of changes and lost some oversight every now and then, but in the end we were able to successfully implement Marketo within our organization and get the whole team on board.



  • Got a lead scoring model up and running, which improved the marketing/sales relationship tremendously.
  • Got sales colleagues on board the marketing train with a successful implementation of Sales Insight and a good sync with CRM Dynamics.
  • Increased marketing’s share in the number of yearly deals from 18% in 2015 to 35% in 2016.
  • Standardized so many processes. From publishing digital content, to following up on and qualifying new leads, to handing prospects over to sales.


Marketo has been a huge contributor to our success, thanks to the abundance of possibilities, flexibility, and organizational power it offers.


Our company started out small, but we dreamt big. Not many companies dare to take on so many challenges in such a short time, but we did. It didn’t always go smoothly, and we didn’t do everything right the first time around. But we learned, we improved, and we owe a lot to Marketo’s marketing automation tool for helping make many of our dreams a reality.


We are incredibly honored by this nomination, and we hope to be able to bring the Revvie award back home to The Netherlands. We’re looking forward to meeting many of you in San Francisco!

Marketo Summit 2016 was held last month, and the session recordings were released a couple weeks ago. I took home a lot of information, fresh ideas, and excitement for our company's marketing team! I've narrowed down all of that to just 3 sessions that gave me the most information, inspiration, and implementation practices to advance our start up company.


#1 Marketo Pro Tips 3 master templates, use content recommendation, and use flow steps to clean your data.

This session was amazing! It was a straight 40 minutes of dos and do-betters in Marketo. You don't have to be a pro, or even have a pro's budget, to implement a few of these. So far, we have created a master template for our webinars and newsletters and we're also reviewing our segments. Next quarter we plan to add a few "Content Recommendations" on our most viewed/downloaded pieces of content. It's super simple! All you have to do is match the most related piece of content to the one they just chose, throw the form on the thank you page, and watch your conversion rate rise!

Another tip from this session, clean up your data and add more data with a flow step. Maybe I'll make "APM" a thing. (Automatic Preventative Maintenance) As most campaigns run, someone fills out a form and is sent to salesforce. Well just add flow steps to clean it up before it gets there. For example, their domain ends with ".ca"; add a "Change Data" step to fill in the country as Canada. You can also do this to normalize job titles.


#2 Email Deliverability

Track bounces, get rid of "Chronic Inactives", and implement "Email Insights".

We already track our opens and clicks on a monthly basis, which helps us choose optimal content and timing for our target market. However, after this session, we are tracking soft and hard bounce rates as well in order to get a more accurate picture of our reach into our target market.

Another takeaway under this category was emphasis on getting rid of "Chronic Inactives". The goal here is to save money, both on Marketo cost and cost of data management. So far, we've pulled a list of all who haven't opened an email in 2 years and took them out of our campaigns. We already have a more accurate depiction of our open and click rate! I strongly encourage everyone to pull a list and get them out of your email campaigns ASAP. Also, Marketo has started batch releasing "Email Insights" to customers, which will do most of the month to month reporting for you! The entire product roadmap session presented by the amazing product management team is available here.

Since this was a University Day session there isn't a recording. However, the slides from the session are available here. Also, I put these highlights and more from this session on slide 10 of our MUG meeting presentation in community.


#3 The Force Awakens: Secrets To Improving Marketing And Sales Alignment

Talk on a regular basis, review scoring on a regular basis, implement contact roles and campaign workflows.

This is my bread and butter; this is my jam! (See what I did there?) My main role at Assemble is to join marketing and sales together to make the most effective operations for BIG SALES and happy customers. This session covered some topics we had down pat: having open communication, scoring, tracking lead journey, and nurture campaigns.

It was nice to receive assurance that we're doing things right, but there were a couple things that I had to tackle when I got back. When I first got back I explained the value of using contact roles in order to make sure we used them for every opportunity. You can find the actual slides I used to do this here. Convince your team today so you can track revenue to campaigns! 

Second thing to tackle was setting up cadences, or campaign workflows. This is still a work in progress on our team. We can connect revenue and campaigns to a person, but we also need to know what activities took place by sales in order to tell if those campaigns really made a difference. Let's say a lead attended a webinar, but didn't talk to a rep for two months. You would, hopefully, contribute less revenue to that campaign, but how much less?

Having a workflow of sales executed tasks around each campaign would allow you to pinpoint the actual outcome you're looking to get out of that campaign, and would allow you to measure the actual time it takes to reach that outcome. Then, you can split up revenue attribution over a timeline of tasks. A cool tool that helps you implement campaign workflows (cadences for your sales team) is Salesloft. Definitely worth checking it out. Also, having a set number of tasks per campaign will come in handy when measuring your Marketing ROI.


Here's to getting even more out of Marketo!

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This year’s Marketo Summit 2016 stood out from the rest. While many missed the usual San Francisco location, the Vegas backdrop provided the attendees and sponsors the opportunity to really enjoy a new setting from Keynotes to Sessions to Parties. There may be only one place on earth that can combine work along with pleasure and Vegas gave us exactly that.

We will be heading back to The Bay for next year’s Summit, however, we will try not to forgot some great moments. Here are Digital Pi’s Top Moments from Summit 2016.

#1 OMEGA Revealed

The Marketo Summit 2016 partner theater on the expo floor provided the stage for select vendors to pitch their marketing applications. Digital Pi CEO, Ryan Vong, was eager to show the crowd what we have been working on for the past 2 years—the OMEGA project.

Omega is a cloud-based app for your Marketo platform that produces insightful information you can’t easily get out of Marketo such as performance bottlenecks, scoring trends, buying journeys, and ranks the health of your instance. Put another way, it’s a diagnostic visualization tool for Marketo.

The turnout for the unveiling was great. I saw many in the crowd nodding heads in agreement that this was something marketers needed.

#2 The FiAMMA Experience

2-FiammaThis show provided us the opportunity to show how much we love our clients and partners. On Monday night we hosted a delicious dinner at FiAMMA in the MGM. One hundred happy guests and Digital Pi folk gathered around enjoying fine wine and food.

Some got the chance to meet new people, network with others, and finally put a face to a voice. This event was the perfect kickoff to an exciting week.

#3 The Keynote

Memorable takeaways from Will Smith’s awesome interview were, “authenticity is more important than ever”, and from Alison Levine inspiring presentation, “never let failure discourage you, because it presents you with a new opportunity to challenge yourself”.

For 2 hours, 5,000 of us listened to speakers and Marketo leaders share in their vision, experience and how they persevered in this insanely unpredictable world.

While it was all very motivational, Will Smith’s, Gettin’ Jiggy With It, sent us off with enough energy to last the week.

#4 Everstring, Knak, Leadspace, RevEngine & Marketo Nation Parties

Yes we came for the content, to learn and network, however, it’s hard to beat the event parties. With Vegas as your stage, the possibilities are endless. These Marketo partners put together parties that we will probably talk about for years to come.

On Tuesday night, Everstring, found the perfect setting, around a pool with a DJ. Not just any pool, Wet Republic is surrounded by private lounges with an enormous pool at the center. It was the perfect setting to relax after the day’s sessions.

DJ Jazzy Jeff was slated to play at the party and rumors started swirling that Will Smith would show up and join his friend in the festivities—which is exactly what happened! We all ended up partying with the Fresh Prince that night.

On Wednesday, after the long day of sessions and keynotes, we then hit the strip again for 2 more parties. To start the night off, Knak, Leadspace and RevEngine all partnered up for one the “Coolest” parties ever. Most haven’t heard of Minus 5 Cocktail Bar, which is located at Mandalay Bay. It is actually the coldest place in Vegas and everything from the bar, to the shelves, to the glasses and sculptures are made of ice.

A few of us Digital Pi folks and clients showed up at the lounge with little knowledge of what was going to happen. We were given thick coats and sent into a winter wonderland. It was a lot of fun to experience, however, after 30 min or so, we started to lose feeling in our toes and headed back out into the warmth. This was a fun event to kick off the night. We then headed over to the party everyone was waiting for- the Marketo Nation party at Hakkasan Night Club.

There aren’t many places that can fit nearly 5,000 people. Hakkasan is 3 floors, with all floors overlooking the dance floor. Unlimited food and drink was served while we danced to music and often taking breaks to watch the acrobatics show. It was a great finale for the event with an enormous crowd of marketers, finally taking time to let loose.

#5 Meetings Poolside

5-PoolsideWhile San Francisco is amazing place for such events, we couldn’t beat what was available to us, right outside the event doors. As we passed by, heading to the sessions and meetings, a large pool complete with a lazy river beckoned.

Some of us waddled in the river, others with laptops in hand, took time to enjoy what was available. Joined by co-workers and clients, the opportunity to talk a little shop and strategize poolside was something we rarely experienced. It is definitely worth noting that a conference room isn’t always needed for such meetings.

#6 Speed Dating in Vegas

6-speed-datingDigital Pi’s CEO, Ryan Vong, was invited to go on a 2-minute speed dating session that matched Marketo users and partners. Ryan took on the challenge while doing it with grace and under time! Within 2 minutes, he gave everyone a quick overview of our Gold Standard, which includes 12 foundational elements of Marketo being applied, practiced and completed within 24 days. You can see Ryan work his magic here.


#7 Team Effort

Last, but certainly not least, the Digital Pi team really loves its team members. If it weren’t for this group of amazingly talented folks, we wouldn’t be shining in Vegas. This year was a big year for Digital Pi. We grew from 12 employees to 25, we brought on extremely smart people (check out Vivi doing her RCE session) and we launched a new product, OMEGA.

In addition, our clients have been sharing our stories and putting their trust in us for 3 years. We are looking forward to Summit 2017 in San Francisco. This time next year, we’re confident that we will be sharing an even greater list of successes.

In about 10 minutes, I will land at the airport. I am looking forward to seeing all you of you -- the Nation -- at the big event. Please feel free to stop by Marketo Central and say Hi. Liz and I will be there on and off throughout the day. OK. Time for me to buckle up and shut my computer. (Boy, do I love Virgin America).


VirginAmericaInFlight5-HIRES (1).jpg





Ravi Ansal

Summit form a distance

Posted by Ravi Ansal May 8, 2016

Hi There,


I might not be present in Vegas, But i will surely be attending it VIRTUALLY.