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Paul Wilson
Click to view contentHello MS Dynamics users!   Dan Stevens. brought to my attention this morning a scenario that I had, till now, been unaware of that is important for you to know about. What Dan encountered were records in Marketo that had different Company Name values from the Account Name value stored in MSD. This can cause issues particularly if you have smart… (Show more)
Hilary German
Click to view content“Hundreds of duplicates...” “The sync is very slow ...” “The data in our CRM doesn’t match what is in Marketo...”   Sound familiar?   Many clients experience common challenges when syncing data between Marketo and Microsoft Dynamics. Typically, these challenges can be grouped into three categories: problems withfield management, duplicates, and… (Show more)
Adam Monago
Has anyone come up with a mechanism (hand rolled or add-on) to synchronize their Marketo Programs to MS Dynamics campaigns?   Would love to hear if anyone has managed to get something working here. We're on Dynamics 365.
Ariel Sasso
Hi Microsoft User Group,    We are looking for Microsoft Dynamics Users to beta test our new Dynamics Integration for our Automated Testing Tool. Our tool test and monitors workflows, syncs, field mapping, integrations, api calls, webhooks, form fills, lead routing, lead data stamping and any automated process within Dynamics, Marketo, or between… (Show more)
Lindsay Khan
On Wednesday November 13th at 1pm ET, myself and Hilary German, both members of the team at Perkuto, will be discussing some of the considerations to make when syncing information between Marketo and Dynamics. We will be talking about best practices when it comes to data models, improving sync speed, and we will have time dedicated to answering… (Show more)
Dominika Wojna
Click to view contentHi Everyone, We are struggling with the qualification process in Dynamics.  So far we could notice the duplicate issue which is described here Duplicate records created in Marketo after upgrading to Dynamics 365 Online v9  However, we're experiencing another problem for some time.  It seems that when we qualified the lead, the empty Contact is… (Show more)
Hi everyone, Our CRM utilizes the full Microsoft Dynmaics lead cycle so when someone who is an existing person that has bought from us in the past returns to inquire about another purchase, a new lead is created.   An example of such flow has been documented here, under solutions 2: MS Dynamics multiple leads per contact   Has anyone had any… (Show more)
Does anyone else have sync issues with Microsoft Dynamics CRM? We've been plagued with them since our implementation. The biggest issue that concerns me is that on some of the contacts and accounts get connected that shouldn't be.   For example, in CRM Mary Smith is a contact under Account1. This is correct. But in marketo, it looks like Mary… (Show more)
Jacqueline Davis
Click to view contentHave been able to successfully generate the MSI box on both my lead and contact form but it is blank - it is not pulling in any information.  Does anybody know what the issue might be?  I have set up interesting moments etc.  Here is a screen shot of what I have:MS Dynamics Virtual User Group Support
Dan Askin
Saints/Pelicans are hiring. Initial focus is on email, but, organizationally, there's an emphasis on cross-training/cross-departmental projects. We're committed to continued education in Marketo, too.   With the NFL season kicking off in 30 days and the NBA season not far behind, this is a great time to get thrown into the New Orleans sports… (Show more)
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