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Dan Stevens.
Click to view contentWe upgraded to v9 about a month ago. We thought everything was working fine in terms of some of the known/potential issues with this upgrade - for example, duplicates created in CRM when qualifying a lead if you don't FIRST update your MLM package to the latest release (as mentioned here: Microsoft Dynamics 2016 Online Upgrade to Version 9) in CRM… (Show more)
Paul Wilson
Hello Dynamics Marketers!   My apologies for the delay in getting our meetings rolling this year - it has been a whirlwind start to the year for me.  I am excited to reconnect with you Friday April 5th at 11 am PDT, and introduce a new co-leader: Natalie Larkin!   Here's our agenda: Introductions Marketo Update Meeting Planning for 2019 Open…
Adam Monago
Has anyone come up with a mechanism (hand rolled or add-on) to synchronize their Marketo Programs to MS Dynamics campaigns?   Would love to hear if anyone has managed to get something working here. We're on Dynamics 365.
Miika Niemelä
We are in the middle of our CRM relaunch project where we are going to replace our Dynamics 365 CRM with a new instance. With the limitation to sync Marketo only with one CRM instance, we probably have to set up a new Marketo instance as well (de-sync tool is not offered anymore). Has anyone in this group gone through the process, I would love to… (Show more)
Dan Stevens.
Yesterday, we found out that the sync between Marketo and D365 is broken and generating the following error:     fault:    Sync Lead to Microsoft caught exception    exceptionMessage:    -2147220891 An unexpected error occurred.    Anyone else experiencing this? Marketo came back with:   “There's a few permissions errors in there,… (Show more)
Nathan Fehler
With the work that is being done to migrate Adobe to a new instance of Marketo with integration to MSD 365, seems like there could be a ton of fodder for conversation.
Dan Stevens.
Click to view contentWe've had this issue for some time now - and are now experiencing additional issues related to CRM users.  Any time we add/update a user in CRM, we have to manually force a resync between both environments (actually we don't, Support has to do this for us) for the user to display in Marketo (e.g., when syncing a lead to CRM).  Furthermore, if an… (Show more)
Antonio Vlašić
Hello everyone, We are having an issue with Marketo-Dynamics OOB integration setup. We simply cannot get it to work. We followed the instructions for integration on Marketo docs website (installing solution, setting up a user, etc...). Error we are getting during validation is invalid username or password. Which makes little sense because when we… (Show more)
Ishita C
Click to view contentHi All,   We installed the MSI (2016) for MSD 365 (online) and the MSI dashboard does not show for the leads. The solution is installed and deployed, the user rights are checked and the MSI status in Marketo shows configured. Also, I can see MSI for contacts but not for leads.   Any thoughts or solution?     Thanks, Ishita
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