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Charly Hartley
Does anyone have a video from D365 (using test data) that shows how to use Sales Insights? Or are you aware of one that Marketo has created? We are moving to D365 from Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online 2016 Update ( after the first of the year. Our team has never used Sales Insights because it never worked properly. Please let me know if… (Show more)
Shannon Vann
Hey everyone! Is there a way to sync MS Dynamics marketing lists to Marketo? Our sales team only has access to MSD. We want them to be able to add prospects to our nurture campaigns. If the marketing lists could sync from MSD to Marketo, we'd be in business. Thanks for any help!
Paul Wilson
Hello MSD folks - I hope your summer has started out great!   I have taken a new role at Marketo and am now the Director, Marketing Technology Operations managing our internal instance of Marketo and the technology stack that it integrates with. In this exciting new role I have inherited an immense inflight project that is consuming a lot of my… (Show more)
Bekah Logan
We're setting up our lead lifecycle and could use your help determining the right transition to use between SAL and SQL in the smart campaigns behind the RCM.  Our Marketo admin suggested listening for a Data Value change in Status Reason to Qualified, which may sound like it makes sense on the surface, but I see a wrinkle.  We're using Dynamics… (Show more)
Amanda Wells
Hi All - I have asked similar questions recently but realize they may be too targeted...   Are any Dynamics users also implementing a Marketing Attribution program?  If so, could you please let me know which one and if you'd be willing to have a short call with me?  I have not been impressed with the companies I have reached out to so far, their… (Show more)
Adam Monago
We seem to be seeing company names from the Dynamics Lead Record appearing as Account Names in our dropdown to select the Account Name on Opportunity Analyzer.   It was our understanding that Opportunity Analyzer should only show contacts and accounts. Is this incorrect?   If this is expected behavior, how do folks mitigate?  Implement some… (Show more)
Karen Sesona
Tyler Technologies is hiring a Senior Marketing DATA Manager. If you know anyone, send them my way and I'll route the resume direct. Thank you. Marketing Data Manager | Plano, Texas | Tyler Technologies   ~  Karen W. Sesona | Marketo Admin & Marketo User Group Leader | 5101 Tennyson Parkway, Plano, TX 75024
Grégoire Michel
Dear all,   I have received this morning a message from Marketo with a warning that some field type might have changed, thus causing potential sync issues. A long list of field types have al of a sudden been changed from any types to string.   1/ I am sure that no one in MSD instances have changed this overnight 2/ I received the same message… (Show more)
Amanda Wells
Hi All,   I'm in the process of evaluating Bizible to help us understand attribution and generated revenue.  Is anyone in the group currently using Bizible?  Would you be willing to have a short call?  I'd love to get your thoughts and feedback. Thanks, Amanda
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