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Paul Wilson
Happy New Year all!   I am very sorry about yesterday's meeting fail. I was stranded in Baltimore traveling with family and having weather delay issues that set us back a day getting home. We are back now (enjoying more freezing rain and school cancelations today) and I want to reset January's meeting to NEXT WEDNESDAY January 17th.   I will… (Show more)
Paul Wilson
Agenda First 10 minutes - update from Marketo Product Management Second 10 minutes - update from Marketo Customer Support Last 40 minutes - open discussion, topics TBD and sharing tips and tricks
Charly Hartley
Does anyone have a video from D365 (using test data) that shows how to use Sales Insights? Or are you aware of one that Marketo has created? We are moving to D365 from Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online 2016 Update ( after the first of the year. Our team has never used Sales Insights because it never worked properly. Please let me know if… (Show more)
Paul Wilson
Hello MS Dynamics users!   Dan Stevens brought to my attention this morning a scenario that I had, till now, been unaware of that is important for you to know about. What Dan encountered were records in Marketo that had different Company Name values from the Account Name value stored in MSD. This can cause issues particularly if you have smart… (Show more)
Raul Ocana
Hi guys,   I'm testing the synchronization of MSD CRM custom entities into Marketo, I already sync 2 of them. But Do I have to use the Custom Layout Designer to bring those new fields into the Lead form or how do you guys are working with that please?   Thank you!
Sari Hegewald
Our CRM team has been trying to integrate Marketo with our Dynamics 365 CRM.  We've been told by Marketo that 365 is new to them and are still learning this roll out.  Does anyone else have 365 and integrated Marketo?  If so, how did the integration go?  Are there any tips we should know about to make the integration work?
Adam Monago
Hi Gang, We are in the process of testing our Dynamics 365 sync to Marketo in our Sandbox.    We were pleasantly surprised to find that our Contact-Opportunity relationships previously managed as Dynamics Connections sync'ed with no additional effort. From what we can deduce, Marketo will sync any contacts associated to the opportunity via a… (Show more)
Britney Young
Has anyone had one of the following error messages show up in your notifications?   PreparedStatementCallback; SQL []; Duplicate entry '9bc525fb-2faf-e111-b5b1-0050569176be' for key 'mkt_person_u1'; nested exception is com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Duplicate entry… (Show more)
Raul Ocana
Hi guys,   We have created an integration that takes all leads CTA's into CRM as a related entity to the Lead. Thus you will see a single Lead with related activities such as, Product Downloads, Website Registration (not a Marketo form) and more activities not tracked by Marketo.   Moreover, I would like to store the activities from Marketo side… (Show more)
Raul Ocana
Hi guys,   I was checking that when leads are disqualified in CRM, they update the field in Marketo, but it still sends emails and updates fields. Since it becomes a read-only lead in CRM no-change is received, but should Marketo also treat it as a read-only or suspended?   Thank you!
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