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Karyn Hill
I'm receiving the error "MS Dynamics Sync Error: Unable to update lead." I don't work in MSD so asked the gentleman who is the admin for it if he has seen anything in error logs referencing Marketo. He said he's not sure where he'd look for that information. Can someone tell me where he should look?   I don't know if the problem is rooted in… (Show more)
Christopher Laver
Hello,   I'm having difficulty coming up with a solid solution to update Dynamics custom lookup fields (field referencing other entity) via Marketo. Issue When lookup fields are synced from Dynamics to Marketo, they come through with the GUid - a value that won't make sense to a Marketo user reading it.   Proposed solution Solution was… (Show more)
Paul Wilson
Agenda for October 2nd:   Introductions Marketo Update Project Meta Overview Meeting Planning Open Discussion       Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.   You can also dial in using your phone. United States (Toll Free): 1 866 899 4679 United States: +1 (224)…
Cyndi Marty
Hi, I know this topic came up on the users group meeting last week. And I think someone mentioned cross entity merging, can you share which tool that is or tools you have found to be useful?  Dan Stevens it might have been you who mentioned it.   We have been working with Perfect & Merge and have really like the team there, but Marketo can not… (Show more)
Sari Hegewald
Our CRM team has been trying to integrate Marketo with our Dynamics 365 CRM.  We've been told by Marketo that 365 is new to them and are still learning this roll out.  Does anyone else have 365 and integrated Marketo?  If so, how did the integration go?  Are there any tips we should know about to make the integration work?
Paul Wilson
Hello all!   My apologies for being MIA for a couple of months - if you are free to join today I will provide you with an update form my side of the fence, and would love to hear what's on your Marketo / Dynamics todo list to the end of the year.   If you're free to join please register here:… (Show more)
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