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Sari Hegewald
Hi -   We have Marketo & Microsoft Dynamics but they currently aren't quite synced up yet.  This is one of the projects our IT is working on and how to release it to the company in October.  The issue we are having is when we tried to sync, Dynamics dumped duplicate leads into Marketo and we went from 400,000 contacts to 700,000.  Our IT team has… (Show more)
Kristin Petrachuck
Is anyone aware of any email marketing automation platform that can manage multiple email addresses (for one contact record) each with it's own preference set? Personally I am not aware of any, and I'd like to confirm whether or not they exist.
Sue Liang
Hi everyone, Our CRM utilizes the full Microsoft Dynmaics lead cycle so when someone who is an existing person that has bought from us in the past returns to inquire about another purchase, a new lead is created.   An example of such flow has been documented here, under solutions 2: MS Dynamics multiple leads per contact   Has anyone had any… (Show more)
Chelsea Stinnett
Our sales leaders are requesting a different view for Best Bets where the can view the leads/contacts owned by their team, not just the people they own themselves. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!
Dan Stevens
We've had this issue for some time now - and are now experiencing additional issues related to CRM users.  Any time we add/update a user in CRM, we have to manually force a resync between both environments (actually we don't, Support has to do this for us) for the user to display in Marketo (e.g., when syncing a lead to CRM).  Furthermore, if an… (Show more)
Dan Askin
We recently upgraded our CRM instance from 2011 to 2016 on-premise. All GUIDs, schema, etc. remained the same.   When we re-synced Marketo to MSD, we got 1000s of errors, all the same:   -2147220685 A record was not created or updated because a duplicate of the current record already exists.   The company that administered the CRM upgrade… (Show more)
Victoria Kusske
Currently in the final stages of configuring our Marketo production instance for a full Marketo launch on 30 August. We’ve currently only set the ‘synctomkto’ field on a small group of test records to ensure the Marketo data matches the CRM data before syncing the full 35,000+ record database (we had data sync issues with our first sandbox… (Show more)
Paul Wilson
Hello all!   Please note the URL for this week's meeting has changed. Please use the following coordinates for the call:   Marketo Dynamics Virtual Users Group Wed, Aug 16, 2017 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT   Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.   You can also dial in… (Show more)
Dan Stevens
We are in the process of optimizing our current purposeful duplicates process.  Rather than create the duplicate in Marketo via a webhook (and then sync the lead to CRM), we would like to bypass the creation of the lead in Marketo and create it directly in CRM via a webhook.   As you probably know, passwords are stored as plain-text within the… (Show more)
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