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Amanda Wells
Hi Everyone!   Has any implemented Marketo Performance Insights?  Would you mind sharing your thoughts/feelings towards the program? I would love to make better use of our data and determine the effect Marketing has had on revenue. However, we have had some trouble in the past with Marketo understanding our Dynamics data and the way we use… (Show more)
Sajith Ekanayake
Hi, What is the best practice for using marketo first and later sync with MSD? how do we migrate marketo custom fields and there data after sync with MSD? Please help me to find out best solution. Thank you. Sajith
Sajith Ekanayake
HI, Plase help me to slove this problem. recently, i`m working with to integrate Marketo and  MS Dynamics. Our clients have 3 kinds of leads types and one kind of lead records are not need to sync with Dynmics. Is there any way to avoid sync lead records to Dynamics? Thank you.
Sean Tierney
Hi,   Is anyone familiar with the Dynamics CRM Connections entity and how it interacts/impacts records synced to Marketo?   Creating from / to connections within the Connections entity in Dynamics have appeared to improve Opportunity (Contact) associations in Marketo, but I can't find specific references to the Connections entity in Marketo… (Show more)
Suzy Lee
Hi everyone,   Due to GDPR requirement, we are asked to update our cookie policy, and a contact can choose to unsubscribe so our website will no longer track his activity based on IP. My question is when a contact chooses not to allow us to track his IP, does it mean in Marketo that we no longer track his activity history with us? What do you… (Show more)
Paul Wilson
Hello everyone!   Now that the dust has settled after Marketo Summit I wanted to share the schedule of meetings for the remainder of 2018. I am very pleased with the level of executive involvement we now have from the product, customer success, and customer support teams and I look forward to their active involvement in our sessions. Following… (Show more)
Paul Wilson
Hello!   For those attending Summit this year please join me Wednesday during the final Summit timeslot for a meetup for DCRM users. I am working to get some representation from product management and (hopefully) support in the room there. Stay tuned for updates on our plan for that times slot.     For details on all the sessions click here.  … (Show more)
Dan Stevens
We're going to be deploying version 9 of MSD this year.  Can anyone weigh in on whether or not Marketo supports this version?  If so, will it require an update to the plug-in?   Paul Wilson
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