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    What are my testing options for the Marketo Certified Expert Exam?

    MCE exams are proctored by Kryterion, and can be taken either  or at local testing centers.

    What are the requirements to take my exam via the  proctored method?

    Please use the following link BEFORE attempting to schedule your test for proctoring to ensure your system meets the requirements:

    Proctored Exams | Kryterion Global Testing Solutions

    Where can I find a local testing center?

    You can use this link to locate the closest Kryterion testing centers

    Please note that availability will be shown in detail when you are scheduling your exam during the purchase process.

    How do I reschedule my MCE test?
    You may reschedule your test  via your WebAssessor account.  Please follow the steps below.  Please note that if you attempt to reschedule within 72 hours of your test time there will be a $85 fee.  If you have already tried this and have not been able to reschedule your exam, please reach out to


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