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    I have multiple accounts in Marketo University- can I consolidate my transcript into one account?

    Yes, please email to merge your accounts and consolidate past and future training into one transcript.

    How do I change my login information for Marketo University?

    When your Marketo University account is first created, it will inherit login credentials from your Marketo Instance. Further login changes can be done through the accounts setting in Marketo University. Please address any additional questions to

    Why is my Marketo University account inactive, and how do I reactivate this?

    Marketo University accounts deactivate after 6 months without use. Please email to reactivate.

    What if I cannot access the live course I am scheduled to take or have technical issues during a live course?

    Email with any technical questions/concerns as soon as possible during or before a live training for quickest assistance. If you are experiencing issues other than logging in during a live, virtual course, please call GoToTraining support for the fastest assistance since this is what we use for our virtual training platform.

    What if I purchased access on-demand content but cannot access it?
    Email with any technical questions/concerns about accessing content in Marketo University.
    Does Marketo University provide demo or training instances for practice?

    For customers taking live, instructor-led training (virtual or in-person) Marketo University will provide one training instance per attendee. Marketo Partners may request a sandbox instance through our Partner Program.       


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