ToutApp: Enabling Sparkpost for Team

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    How to enable Sparkpost for Team


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    The Sparkpost delivery channel will need to be entered on the SMTP server page. Once Sparkpost is available as a delivery channel, make sure you send a test email before enabling for your entire team. When the “Make the deliverability channel…” option is selected, all ToutApp users on the subscription will be pushed over to the Sparkpost delivery channel. If something is set up incorrectly it could negatively impact emails in flight.   Head over to your [SMTP configure page]( on You can copy the values from the two screenshots below. The only two places that will need to be unique are the “Your Domain” and “Password” fields. For the domain you enter the sending domain we set up in Sparkpost. For the password you will use the API key you have been provided with API Key


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    Once this has been saved you can head over to your Email Delivery Channels to toggle to Sparkpost servers. 


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    Now that ToutApp servers are selected you will want to send a test email to make sure the emails are sending. If you do not receive the test email after a minute or two you will want to check your Failed Delivery folder under the Conversations tab to make sure the email did not end up there for any reason.   If the email does send then you can go ahead and turn this delivery channel on for the whole team. Head back to your [SMTP configure page]( and select the checkbox next to "Make this deliverability channel available to all my team members".


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    Your team is now ready to start enjoying deliverability on our premium Sparkpost servers!






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