Virtual User Group Leader Responsibilities & Benefits

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This document contains:

  • Benefits to being a Virtual MUG (VMUG) Leader
  • VMUG Leader Responsibilities
  • VMUG Leader Requirements
  • What does success look like as a VMUG Leader?
  • Other expectations of a Leader
  • Marketo's Responsibilities
  • Marketo User Group Leader Application



Benefits to being a VMUG Leader


  • Networking. Expand your network to include other leading and innovative marketers.
  • Guide the conversation. Personally set the agenda for the meeting and discuss topics that you think are important in the marketing automation space.
  • Build your personal brand. Share your expertise and make a name for yourself as an expert in the field.
  • Be the voice of innovation. Did the group voice a lot of opinion on a particular topic? Share your feedback and ideas directly with the Product Management team.
  • Perks. You will be eligible to receive discounts on Summit* (see below under "Other Expectations of a Leader") and will be kept apprised of great opportunities such as speaking engagements, networking events, social media discussions, points and on and offline rewards and prizes.
  • Exclusivity. Get access to the Secret User Group Leader group where you can have direct access to network, collaborate and ask questions of the 75+ other MUG leaders.


VMUG Leader Responsibilities


The job of the User Group leader is to plan and facilitate the Marketo User Group virtual meetings on a quarterly basis (minimum) using a collaboration platform. The leader is the main point of contact between your peers and Marketo. You will be made the owner of your own private group in the Marketing Nation Community. Have fun with it, make it your own!


Here is what being an owner of a group entails:

  • As the owner, your responsibility is to facilitate the will of the entire group.
  • Make the group successful by keeping users engaged and informed. Drive conversation, share meeting dates and materials, and enlist participation.
  • Create and share your meeting information with the group.
  • Membership is controlled by the owner through self-selection or invitations.
  • This is a private group, so you will be responsible for accepting / declining members.
  • A private group is searchable in across the site, but one must request to join to participate or view content.



VMUG Leader Requirements

  • If the user group is inactive for 3 months +, it will be hidden
  • Must be a customer in a marketing role who uses Marketo

  • Must have access to a collaboration platform to host meetings, such as Blue Jeans, Gotomeeting, Gotowebinar, Google Hangouts etc.
  • Cannot be a Partner (To learn more about how Partners can get involved, view Getting Partners to Sponsor below)

  • 1-2 hours a week for managing group

  • Meeting planning up to 3 hours

  • Plan and execute a minimum of 1 meeting a quarter

  • Report Meeting metrics after each meeting


What does success look like as a VMUG Leader?


  • Facilitating at least one virtual meeting a quarter
  • Increasing group membership each year by 25% (Note: membership is measured by how many members you have in your user group in this community)
  • 50% attendance rate each meeting (i.e. 25 attended out of the 50 that registered)
  • Positive feedback / ratings in meeting surveys throughout the year
  • Keep the group active (if group is inactive for 3 months it will become hidden) by sharing content, posting discussions and sharing group updates


Other expectations of a Leader


  • Be a loyal advocate of Marketo
  • Attend other Marketo events such as Roadshows and Summit when possible
  • Engage in Community at least once a week
  • Share presentations, best practices and findings with your fellow leaders in the MUG Leaders Secret Group so you can share in each others success (and not re-create presentations). Making them successful makes you successful!
  • *Execute at least 4 virtual meetings a year to qualify for benefits at Summit
  • Get help! It is common for a user group to have at least 2 leaders to you can share the responsibilities. Feel free to recruit in your group!
  • Promote upcoming Marketo & marketing events in Community
  • Stay up to date on the latest and greatest with Marketo so you can share upcoming events, product info, and best practices at meetings
  • Attend calls as scheduled with our Product & Marketing teams to get the most up to date information on products and best practices
  • Engage socially using any of the following hashtags and handles: (You will have an individual city hashtag as well)
    • #mktoug
    • @marketo
    • #MKTGNation


Marketo's Responsibilities


Marketo can provide assistance and support where needed, however you are primarily responsible for the planning and execution of meetings. We are here to help you be successful!


To start a group near you, fill out the Marketo User Group Leader Application.