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Discussions allow you to ask a question to find a specific solution or start a conversation to get feedback or make decisions.  Members of your community can contribute by posting replies.


To start a discussion:

  1. 1. Click Create > Discussion, or if you are already in a group, space, or project, click Create a Discussion from the Actions menu on the right.
  2. 2. Enter a title for your discussion in the field at the top.
  3. 3. Check the option for marking the discussion as a question if you’re looking for a specific answer, otherwise leave it unchecked for threads.
  4. 4. Write your discussion in the content field. You can format your text however you’d like, insert videos, images, hyperlinks, emoticons, or tables.
  5. 5. Spellcheck your discussion or view your content in HTML by clicking the icons in the upper right corner of the content field.
  6. 6. Optionally attach files to your discussion for supporting information by clicking the Attach icon in the bottom right of the editor.
  7. 7. Choose where the discussion will be posted.  If this option is already populated you can change it if needed.   All content can be posted in a place, to specific people or as a public piece of content in the community.
  8. 8. Add relevant tags to the Tags field so your discussion is easily searchable.
  9. 9. Click the Post button to post your discussion.