Running a batch campaign to set non-responsive records to Marketing Suspended is one option you can implement to prevent accidentally sending them a promotional email while you determine a re-engagement strategy. Here is the first Part I of this article.


Smart Campaign

Set Records Who Haven’t Engaged in an Email in the Past Year to Marketing Suspended

In this example I am setting the Min. Number of Emails sent to a record to 20.


Smart List


Marketing Suspended Reason (Custom Marketo field): Set Marketing Suspended to True on {{}} since the record has been inactive for the past year.



Run once or set up a weekly or monthly recurring batch campaign.


Here is the smart campaign setup you can use to run tests against small groups (1,000 to 2,000) of the marketing suspended chronic non-responsive records.


Smart Campaign Email Test #1

Smart List

In this example, the test will be to sent to records based on the first letter in their email address. Subsequent tests can be easily sent to a different group of records.


In the flow, Marketing Suspended will be flipped to False temporarily so the email will be sent. After the record goes through the Send Email flow step, Marketing Suspended will be changed back to True.


Data Management Strategies – Managing Chronic Non-responders (never open or click) Part I.