Anonymous Lead Upgrades – Under The Hood

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  • Summary
  • Anonymous Web Activity Logging
  • Triggered Smart Campaigns
  • Smart List Filters


The goal of the upgrade to the anonymous lead promotion process is to increase the capabilities of what Marketo can do for you. With this upgrade, Marketo will be able to increase the volume of web events we track significantly. With a substantial upgrade like this, there are many technical details, so here’s a peek under the hood to see what the moving parts are.

MV2 behavior.PNG

Anonymous Web Activity Logging

  • Anonymous lead activity will be logged in a new way that doesn’t create a traditional lead record.
  • All activity a lead had prior to becoming known will be logged chronologically in the new lead record with the correct corresponding date/time stamps once the lead becomes known.

         CORRECTED Under the Hood activity logging note.PNG

Triggered Smart Campaigns

  • Without a lead record, anonymous leads can’t trigger smart campaigns. However, when a lead becomes known, the active smart campaigns that would have triggered from the anonymous activity will be triggered.
  • The campaigns that are triggered by the anonymous activity will be processed in order of the activities that occurred, oldest to newest.
  • In the lead’s activity log, all campaign activities (with one exception below) will be logged with the time stamp of when the lead becomes known, right before the New Lead activity.
  • Interesting Moment flow step activities will be backdated to the date and time when the corresponding anonymous activity occurred.

        CORRECTED Under the hood campaign activity logging example.PNG

  • All trigger campaigns currently active at the time the lead becomes known will be triggered if the lead took the action being triggered on while anonymous.
  • Only campaigns currently active at the time the lead becomes known will be triggered.

               Under hood deactivated campaign note.PNG

  • The campaign definition at the time it is triggered is what will be executed. For example, if the campaign has a Score Change of +10 but is changed to +5 just before the lead becomes known, the new lead created will be given a score of 5, not 10.
  • Not all flow actions in the campaign will be executed. When leads flow through campaigns as a result of the promotion to known lead, only specific flow actions will be processed. All other flow actions will be ignored. The flow actions executed will be:

          1. Change Score

          2. Interesting Moment

          3. Change Data Value

          4. Add to List

          5. Remove from List

  • Secondary campaigns (campaigns triggered off of activities performed by the campaigns triggered by the lead promotion) will not be triggered.

               Under hood secondary campaign example.PNG

  • Pruned activities will not trigger campaigns. Anonymous web activity is not stored forever—it gets pruned over time, so any activity that has been pruned is no longer there to be triggered off of.

Smart List Filters

  • The “Is Anonymous” filter will be removed so it can’t be selected any more. This doesn’t remove the filter from where it’s already in use, it just removes it from available filters.
  • Any “Is Anonymous” filter still in use will have the following results:

          1. “Is Anonymous” = True

Smart Lists will return zero results, Smart Campaigns will fail and won’t run.

          2. “Is Anonymous” = False

The filter is ignored because all leads will be known.

          3. “Is Anonymous” = True in combination with “Is Anonymous” = False using OR filter logic

Smart Lists will return zero results, Smart Campaigns will fail and won’t run.

  • The “Is Anonymous” filter needs to be removed from any place where it is in use. For more detailed information about this, please visit the Customer Action documentation here.