Qualified Lead Alerts with Detail

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Qualified Lead Alerts with Detail

I am trying to set up alerts notifying sales when a lead meets our scoring threshold. I don't want sales to receive emails that just say "you have a new qualified lead". I want the alerts to show the activities that made them qualified. Is this possible?


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Re: Qualified Lead Alerts with Detail

We provide a bunch of info in our sales alerts - and leverage tokens to do so (see below).  And Sales doens't need a seat in Marketo to view the lead activity log (which they can filter by Interesting Moment) - you can configure this link to be active for a certain number of days in Admin.

Name: {{lead.First Name}} {{lead.Last Name}}
Company: {{company.Company Name}}
Email Address: {{lead.Email Address}}
Phone: {{lead.Phone Number}}
State, Country: {{lead.State}}, {{lead.Country}}
Job/Functional Role: {{lead.Avanade Job Role}} ({{lead.Avanade Functional Role}})
Industry: {{company.Industry}}
Avanade Relationship: {{lead.Avanade Relationship}} 

Recent Inquiry/Request (if applicable):
{{lead.Avanade Website ContactUs Request Date}} {{lead.Avanade Website ContactUs Request}}

Lead Score: {{lead.Lead Score}} (Behavioral: {{lead.Behavioral Score:default=0}}  Demographic: {{lead.Demographic Score:default=0}})

Click on the link below to access the lead record in CRM:
{{lead.First Name}} {{lead.Last Name}}

Click on the link below to access the lead record and activity in Marketo
{{SP_Send_Alert_Info:default=edit me}}

Most recent activity:
{{lead.Last Interesting Moment Date}}: {{lead.Last Interesting Moment Desc}} 

Additional Notes/Information: {{lead.Person Notes}}