Re: False positive on email click affecting lead scoring

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Re: False positive on email click affecting lead scoring

Hi Dan,

To avoid this, you would test the visit wbe page in a choice in the flow, after a 5 minutes wait. as you cannot have the "visited web page" filter with a constraint in a choice, you would have to use a smart list, though.


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Re: False positive on email click affecting lead scoring

We are hitting this issue now and it's causing a lot of problems with discrepancies between the out of box email reports and our interesting moments.  We are reporting using the email reports, which are now appearing to be completely useless since they do not allow us to filter by "visits page".  We have the ability to filter the program membership changes, as well as interesting moments, which we trigger scoring and rep alerts off of, but if we pull any reports off the the email sends, our clicks are off by HUNDREDS. 

The "visits page" filter also doesn't work if you want to link to something externally like an analyst report.  We would have to build a redirect page on our domain to register the click, and then send the user to the external page to make that work.  Multiply that by 50 sends a week, and it's not a very sustainable process. Ideally Marketo could create some kind of filters for their out of box reports to identify clicks that happen before delivery (the tell-tale sign of a bot click) and not register those clicks in the email reports.

Has anyone seen any ideas for Marketo to improve reporting for click and open rates so that users aren't building ad hoc filters to try to get accurate numbers?

Thanks for any help.