Engagement program + transition rule

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Engagement program + transition rule


I'm trying to get my head around the engagement program and have a few questions.

1. Programs in the stream

In the first stream, I would have 3 pieces of content:

  • Ebook
  • Video
  • Webinar

I would like to send  emails that lead them to this content. However, I would not like to send it if they have already viewed the ebook, video or webinar.

Therefor I would have a smart campaign where the smart list would check the program status (e.g. from my on demand webinar, to see if the lead has seen the webinar) and check if the person is a member of the engagement program and send an email to those. My question: will the webinar email be sent to all the people in the stream who didn't get the webinar email yet (including lead from cast 1 & 2)?

2. Early, Mid and Late streams

I would like to have 3 streams. The early stream would have "light" content whereas late would have more detailed content. I assume this is a normal way of deviding the streams? I know how to move leads to another stream but what is the most common trigger? I thought about using the engagement score or is something else better?

Transition Leads Between Engagement Streams - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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Re: Engagement program + transition rule

Hi Nick,

Advise: ask separate questions in distinct threads. Shorter questions are more likely to get answers

Marketo engagement programs automatically control whether a lead should receive a content in the following way:

  • Plain emails: the lead will not receive the email if the lead has already be sent that very same email (same email ID)
  • Nested programs: the lead will not become a member of the smart campaign within the nested program if it is already a member of the nested program. YOU in fact do not need to check the program status again, Marketo will do it for you. Please not that any program status (so as soon as the lead is a member) will cause it to not be sent to the smart campaign. Also remember that the smart campaign needs to be a batch one with a "member of engagement program" filter.

With regards to the transition rules:

  • Engagement score is a score applied to the content, not to the lead, so you will not be able to use it for transitions
  • We mostly use lead behavior score to trigger transitions from an early stream to the later ones.


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Re: Engagement program + transition rule

Will post one question at a time, thanks for the tip

I think I start to understand the logic of programs nested into engagement programs. Will start to test it out!

And yes, I thought about behavior score but wrote engagement score. Thanks, now I need to figure out the best score to change streams.