Sample Questions for MCE Exam: Lead Lifecycle

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This is the third part in my series of sample questions to help you practice for the MCE exam. Part 1 on Admin & Operational topics can be found here. Part 2 on Analytics & Reporting can be found here.

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Which situation is appropriate for resetting a customer's score to 0 according to Marketo's Lead Scoring Guide?a. A customer clicks an email and visits a site but has not purchased yet
b. A customer visits a site seven days in a row but has not purchased yet
c. A customer places items in the cart and visits the checkout page but does not purchase for two days
d. A customer purchased one year ago but has not visited a site in six months or opened an email in one year
Who should provide the final approval of a scoring model's targeted buyer persona?A. Sales
B. Marketing
c. Product manager
d. Chief executive officer
Which two Marketo features allow marketing to pass information on a lead's behavior to a CRM system? (Choose two)a. Synced data fields
b. System smart lists
c. Marketo Sales Insight
d. Segmentation membership
e. Lead performance report
Which two company stakeholders should be included in the process when creating a scoring plan? (Choose two)a. Sales
b. Marketing
c. Product Manager
d. Chief executive officer
e. Research and development
f. Finance
Which of the following is not a type of behavior scoring that can be done in Marketo?a. Attends webinar
b. Fills out form
c. Visits web page
d. Title changes
True or false: In general, you should only give leads points for a particular demographic score once.TRUE
If you want to track both an overall score and a behavior score, which of the following should you do?a. Create separate program tokens
b. Create separate smart campaigns
c. Create separate flow actions
d. Create separate smart lists
You wish to change someone's score when they are not actively engaging with content anymore. Which type of scoring should you use?a. Behavioral scoring
b. Negative scoring
c. Demographic scoring
d. Account scoring
True or false: To make it easier to make changes to scoring programs in the future, you can store your score values in tokens.TRUE
Which of the following field types allow for you to do basic math?a. Score
b. Number
c. Formula
d. Boolean
Which of the following are recommended ways of alerting sales when they have a new lead to follow up on? (choose all that apply)a. Send an email
b. Send an alert
c. Create a task
d. Update a field
A marketing manager has some leads in the database that have not opened emails in the past six months. The marketing manager wants to reset their scores to 0.
Which solution would work to reset their score to 0?
a. Smart Campaign with a flow step - CHANGE PROGRAM SUCCESS = 0
b. Smart Campaign with a flow step - CHANGE SCORE, New Value = 0
c. Smart List with a flow step - CHANGE DATA VALUE, New Value = 0
d. Smart Campaign with a flow step - Add to system list "Unscored leads"
A marketing and sales organization has a service level agreement (SLA) in place that requires sales to follow up on an assigned lead within 24 hours of receiving a notification. If a follow-up does not occur within 48 hours, a reminder notification is sent to them.
Which set of flow setup steps should be used to accomplish the reminder notification?
a. Wait, Send Alert
b. Wait, Send Email
c. Wait, Add interesting moment
d. Wait, Change Program Status, send Alert
A lead has reached a specific lead score and is then marked as sales ready. Where is this indicated?a. Lead Status
b. A flag in Admin
c. Email Permission
d. Lead Owner Comments