Sample Questions for MCE Exam: Analytics & Reporting

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This is the second part in my series of sample questions to help you practice for the MCE exam. Part 1 on Admin & Operational topics can be found here.

QuestionsAnswersCorrect Answer
How can you determine which leads filled out the form on a specific landing page?a. Create a Landing Page Performance Report
b. Create a form submission list in the Design Studio
c. Create a smart list using the filter 'Filled out form' with the constraint of 'Web page'
d. Create a smart list using the filter 'Visited Web Page' with the constraint of 'Form = true"
When should custom columns be added to a lead report?a. To display anonymous visitors in a Web Page Activity report
b. To change the Lead Created At time frame to show results for the fiscal year
c. To review email statistics on number delivered, number bounced, and open rates
d. To show how leads that were created this year have progressed through the lifecycle
What is the reporting impact of selecting an acquisition program when importing a list?a. Selecting an acquisition program is required for using the Success Path Analyzer
b. The acquisition program is required to show program success in the Email Performance report
c. The acquisition program is required to show the number and percent of new names in the Program Performance report
d. The Lead Performance report uses an acquisition program to show how successful each program is at generating new leads
You want to analyze marketing's overall lead generation efforts to grow the database over the past three years. Which report type should you run?a. Program Analyzer
b. Leads by Status report
c. Lead Performance report
d. Leads by Revenue Stage report
e. Opportunity Influence Analyzer
Which two columns on the Program Performance Report are calculated using acquisition program?a. New Names
b. Total Members
c. Revenue per New Name
d. Cost per Member (USD)
e. Cost per New Name (USD)
f. Revenue per Member (USD)
a, e
A marketer ran a program and did not assign a program status with success. The marketer now wants to run a program performance report to find the cost per success for the program.
What will occur?
a. The report will return an error for cost per success.
b. The report will return a null value for cost per success.
c. The report will identify the last program status as a success and calculate based on that.
d. The report will identify the first program status as a success and calculate based on that.
If you want to figure out how many people converted on a Marketo landing page, which report would you use?a. Landing Page Performance
b. Web Page Activity
c. Program Performance
d. Lead Performance
If you want to limit an email performance report to a specific timeframe, which section should you go to?a. Report
b. Smart List
c. Setup
d. Subscriptions
If you want to see how many people clicked through to your landing page from an email, which report would you use?a. Email Performance Report
b. Campaign Email Performance Report
c. Email Link Performance Report
d. Landing Page Performance Report
If you want to understand the performance of your nurture program, which report would you run?a. Engagement Stream Performance
b. Program Performance
c. Email Performance
d. Campaign Performance
Which of the following can you view in a Program Performance report? (Choose all that apply)a. Program rank per channel
b. Cost per success
c. Number of members
d. Number of successes
Which of the following are columns that you can add in an Email Performance report? (Choose all that apply)a. Hard Bounced
b. Soft Bounced
c. Unsubscribed
d. Engagement Score
e. Clicked
If you want to understand the growth of your database, which report would you look at?a. Leads by Status
b. Leads by Revenue Stage
c. Lead Performance
d. Leads by Campaign
In which of the following reports can you filter with smart lists? (Choose all that apply)a. Lead Performance
b. Landing Page Performance
c. Web Page Activity
d. Email Performance
If you wanted to limit your web page activity report to only show leads in Germany, which of the following sections would you modify?a. Report
b. Smart List
c. Setup
d. Subscription
True or false: In Lead Performance reports, you can group by company or lead attributes.TRUE
True or false: You can include program statuses in Program Performance reports for more than one channel.FALSE
A marketing manager is running a landing page A/B test and wants to know which of the two pages had the best conversion rate. Which report should be used?a. Form Conversion Report
b. Event Registration Report
c. Landing Page Activity Report
d. Landing Page Performance Report
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Great article Kristen, thank you!

I do have a question however, about question 9 (finding out how many leads clicked in your email to your landing page): can't you find that in the Email Link Performance report? I have trouble seing where in the Landing Page Performance report you would find this data.

That said, this article is great, and I really look forward to the next one!

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Thanks for catching that; I'll fix it.

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Level 5

Thank you for sharing Kristen. This is really helpful.

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Kristen Carmean, you are a gem! This is beyond helpful, thank you for putting this together and sharing

Level 3

Hi everyone,

I took Kristen Carmean​'s questions and put them in an easy to use practice test here:

Marketo: Analytics & Reporting

Let me know if you find any mistakes.

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Hi Jared, you have the this question incorrect in your practice test.

The answer should be New Names and Cost per New Name
(you have Cost per Member)


Which two columns on the Program Performance Report are calculated using acquisition program?

Level 3

Thanks Carol. I made the change.

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Hi Kristen Carmean , the link for this post doesn't seem to be working where you've linked it in the Targeting and Personalisation post and the Admin and Operation post. The Program Fundamentals and Lead Lifecycle links are not functioning either. The content is still here, which is fantastic (thank you for all the test questions!), but thought I'd let you know the links aren't working correctly.

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Does anyone know which reports have custom columns? I know Lead Performance is one of them...