Marketo Measure Data Warehouse

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

The below information is not intended to be a sales pitch for Marketo Measure Data Warehouse but to give insight to those who are interested in where the data is hosted, how the data is shared and what the potential next steps would be if purchasing. 


The Marketo Measure Data Warehouse is hosted on Snowflakes Azure East-US2. This access is only Snowflake reader access. 


Here are a few scenarios you want to think through in utilizing the Marketo Measure Data Warehouse: 

  1. If you want to run reports against the Marketo Measure Data-Warehouse only then a reader account is sufficient. 
    1. You can review/compare data in the Data Warehouse or export and add to a visualization tool
  2. If you want to combine the Marketo Measure data with your Enterprise Data-Warehouse in Snowflake Azure East-US2, then a direct share is sufficient, no need to extract the data at all. 
  3. However, if you want to combine the Marketo Measure data with your Enterprise Data-Warehouse which is NOT Snowflake in Azure East-US2 (either not Snowflake at all or not in the right region), then you must physically extract the data. 

If you are already an owner of Snowflake and your data is stored in the Snowflake Azure East-US2, then the connection is much more straight forward.  You will receive access to a shared Snowflake account where you will be able to extract the data from this into your own instance and then use the data as needed.  


To learn more about that process please click here  


For those who do not have a Snowflake instance or do but it is not located in the Snowflake Azure US East 2 location there are two options to push data into your data warehouse.  

  1. If you are a customer with Snowflake but your data is stored in a different location, you can request a new instance that is in Azure East-US2. From my knowledge, this is free for Snowflake customers, but it is the data that is being stored that is where the client is charged. 
    1. NOTE: The free version of Snowflake is only for a specific tier of customer with Snowflake.  You will need to discuss with Snowflake if this option is available. 
    2. As a customer you will only be charged with storage of your data if you bring in additional data or decide to copy the data from the direct share.  
      1. As a customer you are going to be charged to compute in Snowflake. 
  2. For those of you who are not a Snowflake customer (or want your data to be copied/replicated to another snowflake location), you will need to work either in house or with a third-party provider (Matillion or SnapLogic, for example) who can copy the data from the reader account and then push it into your data warehouse.  


There are many benefits to moving to the Marketo Measure Data Warehouse. Clients have been able to pull better insight from the abundant data that is collected. Marketo Measure has also made it much more streamlined to customize attribution models so clients can make better investments in their go to market efforts.