Data Management Best Practices – Resources for Managing Bounces

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Since there is a ton of information on the community about how to identify and manage records which bounce repeatedly I thought it would help if they were all in one location.

How to Manage Your Marketo Database for Deliverability by Kiersti Esparza

Great tips for identifying records which bounce repeatedly and how to understand the different bounce codes.

Email Bounce Codes

Learn more about the different bounce codes.

Monitoring Email Deliverability: Bounces - Part I by Kristen Carmean

Terrific information about bounces and the main categories: incorrect email address, anti-spam block, technical issues, soft bounces.

Monitoring Email Deliverability: Unengaged Users – Part II by Kristen Carmean

Additional tips for identifying and managing chronic non-responders.

Monitoring Email Deliverability: Troubleshooting High Bounce Rates – Part III by Kristen Carmean

This great article covers troubleshooting some common email deliverability problems, starting with high bounce rates.

Monitoring Email Deliverability: Troubleshooting Spam Blocks – Part IV by Kristen Carmean

Learn more about troubleshooting spam blocks

Data Management Strategies - Managing Chronic Non-responders (never open or click) Part I by Brian Law

Identifying and managing chronic non-responders.

Data Management Strategies – Managing Chronic Non-responders (never open or click) Part II by Brian Law

Smart campaign build instructions.

Data Management Strategies – Smart Campaigns for Managing Chronic Bounces by Brian Law

Smart campaign build instructions​.

Data Management Strategies – Setting Marketing Suspended to False by Brian Law

Smart campaign build instructions​​.

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Thank you Brian for putting this together. Some of these resources I was not aware of.