Workaround for “Ends With” - Suppressing Top-Level Email Domains

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Sometimes you want to be able to suppress certain top-level email domains from your communications. If you aren’t suppressing the entire domain ( and you just want to suppress something like .it (all Italian domains), it’s challenging to do this since Marketo does not have an ‘ends with’ filter.

One of my customers needed to blacklist all military email addresses, ending in .mil. However, I wanted to make sure we didn’t also blacklist people who just happened to have .mil in their email address, like My solution was to suppress people whose email domains contained .mil but did not contain .mil with any letter or character after it:

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I find this useful when you need to identify Canada emails (.ca) 

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Thank you Kristen! I've been bothering Marketo for over a year to add the 'ends with' option, this seems a good way to work around the issue. Regards Heleen

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The list is missing .MILL.  That was probably a typo, but more important, there aren't enough exclusions. 

Needs to at least cover a-z0-9+=@,


All perf'ly valid addresses w/common formats.

And there are plenty of other valid chars as well. Ultimately, there's no faking our way around the need for an 'ends with'.

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Completely agree. It's on my personal list of requests and I'm sure someone out there has a community idea for it too.

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As well, this method unfortunately also includes some .mil addresses.

For example, would be included because his email includes .mil AND .mile.

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A more, let's say, modern way of doing this is to maintain a custom field whose value is

  {{Lead.Email Address}}..

Note two periods at the end. Using New Lead and Data Value Changes triggers, you always keep this value up to date.

Then you can do

  contains .mil..



Note: Two successive periods are chosen to eliminate confusion, because that sequence can never be part of a valid email address.