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Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

A good tag system can be super helpful for filtering your reports. Tags can also be used for filtering the Marketo Marketing Calendar. It is best practice to create all tags before starting to create any programs. Tags created after programs are created will not appear in the existing programs. If you add tags later they will need to be manually added to all existing programs. I recommend making all Tags required since users usually don’t remember to add optional tags to their programs. If you make them all required, remember a “-None-” or “-Not Applicable-” option. Finally, watch when cloning programs since you may need to update the tags.

Deciding on which tags and values you need depends on what you want to report on. Consider how you want to filter your programs in RCE using Program Channel, Program Name and Tags when you develop your Tag system. Marketo currently does not permit you to select multiple values of a tag when adding a tag to a program. To reduce confusion and accidentally using the incorrect tag it is best practice to create only the tags necessary.

Consider These Tags for all Program Types

  • Geography (region or country)
  • Program owner/creator
  • Product or business unit

Here is a summary of the different reports Tags can be used in.

Analytic ReportsTag Filter Available in Report
Company Web ActivityNo
Email Link PerformanceNo
Email PerformanceNo
Engagement Stream PerformanceNo
Landing Page PerformanceNo
Lead PerformanceNo
Leads By Revenue StageNo
Leads By StatusNo
Opportunity Influence AnalyzerNo
Program AnalyzerYes
Program PerformanceYes
Sales Insight Email PerformanceNo
Social InfluenceNo
Success Path AnalyzerNo
Web Page ActivityNo

RCE ReportsTag Filter Available in Report
Email AnalysisYes
Lead AnalysisNo
Model Performance Analysis (Companies)No
Model Performance Analysis (Leads)No

Opportunity Analysis
Program Cost AnalysisYes
Program Membership AnalysisYes

Program Opportunity Analysis
Program Revenue Stage AnalysisYes

A friendly reminder that if you add a tag to a program it won't appear in RCE until the next day.

Link to Checklist for Attribution Reporting.

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