Resources for Learning about the Marketo Integration with SFDC

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Whether you are new to Marketo or have been using it for years here is a list of of the resources for learning more about the Marketo integration with SFDC.


Initial SFDC Sync


SFDC Fields

  • Special SFDC fields/tokens in Marketo
  • Mapping of Marketo created fields to SFDC fields
  • SFDC Email Opt Out field. A great article about durable unsubscribes by Raul Fonseca.
  • Renaming or deleting a SFDC field
  • Syncing a previously hidden SFDC field
  • Syncing a lookup field
  • SFDC field types mapping to Marketo field types
  • Changing the type or length of a SFDC field.
  • Changing the field type of a Marketo Field
  • Using a SFDC picklist field in a Marketo form
  • Merging a Marketo Field with a SFDC field
  • When do the Marketo Account/Company fields become read only
  • Making a SFDC field read only
  • Using a SFDC formula field in Marketo
  • Using Multi-Select Fields from SFDC in Marketo
  • Setting or restricting the values of a Marketo Field
  • Blocking field updates
  • Sending a birthday message
  • Sending a post birthday message
  • SFDC Special Fields - Email Bounced Date and Reason
  • SFDC User tokens


Marketo Fields


Sync Lead to SFDC or Change Owner Flow Step

  • Using the Sync Person to SFDC flow step to insert a Marketo only record
  • Using the Auto-Assignment rule when inserting/syncing a new record to SFDC
  • Using a queue when syncing a new record to SFDC. Part II.
  • Setting the SFDC record type
  • Using the Change Owner flow step


SFDC Converting / Merging / Deleting Records

  • Converting a Lead into a Contact in Salesforce
  • The results in Marketo of merging Leads or Contacts in SFDC
  • Using Marketo to merge a Marketo record with a SFDC Lead or Contact record
  • Using Marketo to merge a SFDC Lead with a SFDC Contact
  • Deleting a Synced Record in Marketo or SFDC



  • Checklist for attribution reporting including - Setting up Marketo and SFDC for attribution reporting.


SFDC Opportunities


Troubleshooting Sync Issues