Renaming or Deleting a SFDC Field Deep Dive

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Renaming a field in SFDC

If you change the label of a field in SFDC, nothing changes in Marketo.


If you change the (API) name of a field in SFDC, two things will happen:

  • A new field with the new (API) name will appear in Marketo. The value of the field in Marketo will be empty until the last modified date in SFDC changes.
  • The old field will stop syncing with Marketo, however, it will still be visible in Marketo and retains its existing values. You should hide the field in Marketo. You cannot hide a SFDC opportunity field in Marketo.



Renaming a SFDC field in Marketo

As long as a SFDC custom field synced to Marketo is not in use, if you are an Admin you can change the name of the field in Marketo. A few standard SFDC fields can also be renamed (e.g. Email Bounced Date) but most cannot be changed. SFDC Opportunity fields cannot be renamed in Marketo. I don't recommend renaming a SFDC field in SFDC or Marketo since the API name can’t be edited.



Deleting a SFDC field

If you delete a field in SDFC or make it no longer visible to the Marketo profile (Article), it will look like nothing has changed in Marketo. You should hide the field in Marketo since data will no longer be syncing between the two systems.



Hiding a SFDC field in Marketo

In Marketo you can’t delete SFDC fields, but you can hide them if you are an Admin and if it isn't in use. Hiding fields doesn’t stop the sync, so remember to make the field no longer visible to the Marketo profile and then hide it in Marketo.



Note: In order to hide a field it must not be associated to any other assets. Make sure to remove it from all smart lists, flow step choices and emails before hiding.


Additional resources for learning about the Marketo integration with SFDC.