RCE Attribution Setting Considerations

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

You can change the way Marketo ties contacts to opportunities for acquisition and success attribution, FT and MT.

  • These settings will impact RCE reports under the Program Opportunity Analysis, Opportunity Analysis and Lead Analysis areas. This will also affect the Program Analyzer report.
  • Changing this setting does not modify any Marketo data, it simply changes the way your reports run. This can be reverted at any time.
  • A change to the attribution setting will be seen the next day. You can experiment by changing the setting each day and view the results the following day.

Setting Options

  • Explicit gives credit to a program if the contact reaches success and has an opportunity role/primary.
  • Implicit gives credit to a program if a contact in the program reaches success and there are any opportunities associated to the account. The contact in the program doesn’t need to be associated to the opportunity (No role/primary).
  • Hybrid gives credit first explicitly by opportunity role/primary and if there are none then it goes by implicit.


Using the Explicit setting will give the most accurate attribution results for Acquisition attribution (FT) but might not necessarily reflect the influence of other contacts on the account for Acquisition Attribution (FT) or Success attribution (MT). Using Implicit may create false positives for both FT and MT, contact records will get credit for an opportunity despite having no real influence in the opportunity. Here is an excellent article written by Aslihan Ayan about marketing and sales alignment related to attribution reporting.

Link to example.

Link to Checklist for Attribution Reporting